Twitch has nothing to say about one of its biggest cash cows using the n-word

To be fair Twitch has given away free subs with an Amazon Prime account so…

There’s a difference between a single bundled subscription option that can be directed as a viewer pleases and a banner on the front page giving away subscriptions for a specific streamer, to anyone and everyone that wants one.

To me it doesn’t matter, fans of Ninja were going to follow him regardless. If they didn’t really care they wouldn’t stick around despite what’s essentially a bribe from Mixer, then again it might be too early to say one way or the other, maybe they will bail in the long term so we’ll see. Either way i don’t use either platform so i have no dog in this fight

That was all a bit pointless then.

It’d be great if there was some authority holding companies accountable for breaking their own rules, but as it is, the only ones who can punish them are their customers, and they’re apparently perfectly fine with this. So remember, if someone is still using Twitch, they fully condone protecting flagrant racists.

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Just dump him Twitch. There will be another gamer along any time now.

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Why Dump Him ?

There is a mechanism readily available for helping with this. There are several ISO levels that cover documentation of procedures and process, and following those procedures and process.

Maybe tech companies need to apply ISO to their moderation policies: document what you are going to do, then track compliance to what you said you were going to do. Audit their ISO compliance and put teeth behind lack of compliance.


Too bad he couldn’t help but treat women like shit.


He violated their rules regarding racial slurs apparently not for the first time.


I disagree with this sentiment, mainly because there are not a multitude of streaming platforms that people can use to broadcast through, and the overwhelming majority of people who stream for money don’t have the financial flexibility to risk their livelihood by moving to another platform with the hope that their audience will follow them (and essentially, the options are Mixer, which is unproven, or YouTube, which is hell to work with and also garbage from an ethical standpoint).

I opt to provide my financial support to the streamers I watch through their Patreons, so Twitch doesn’t get any of the money that I’m trying to provide (and they get a bigger cut through Patreon than through Twitch anyway).

In addition to there being no ethical consumption under capitalism, it could easily be said that there is increasingly no ethical means of individual production either.


I don’t exactly disagree, but when I assume people are amoral Machiavellians, I don’t also assume they are smart. :slight_smile:

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