Twitch streams with nobody watching

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It’s a lot like my personal Angelfire website that I made in the late 1990’s that nobody visited.


Maybe people stream these video games so they aren’t seen as game-playing time-wasters, but providing a valuable service for others… if only they were watching.

Grasping at straws to justify behavior they know is not productive.

Could people Twitch their poops? Doing dishes? Mowing the lawn?

so tempted to just put in random affirmations and encouragement. Will I freak them out?

ETA: well, shit, I clicked through to their profile…


I am curious if anyone would watch a twitch stream of my hamster running on his wheel.
The stream could include a speedometer.


I suspect that many of these people are streaming in order to get the feel of playing in front of other people even if there is no one there.

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