Streamers using bizarre makeup jobs that look perfect when filtered

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dressing for the machine.


Well, that’s because some commenters are fucking morons fundamentally ignorant that variations on this theme have been ongoing throughout cinematography, including but not limited to the B&W era as Rob points out.

Cameras, whether analog or digital, do not “see” the same as the human eye. Get used to it.


Not to mention that those streamers shown in the clip look more like videogame characteres that human beings. Seriously, there are uncanny valley issues there.
And they imagined that the original model looks like that in real life? That’s like complaining that Andy Serkis doesn’t look like Gollum or Caesar.


Definitely fake. The first and last set of comparisons show two very different human beings making (almost) the same moves. Look closely at details (hairline, hair movement, hands position, time of blinking, etc.).

Is ignorance of a fairly specialized knowledge evidence of idiocy?


It depends on whether you aggressively present your ignorance as knowledge that the opposite of a presented fact is true, rather than openly presenting it as a lack of knowledge as to whether the fact is true or not.


But that’s not what happened here. The original article doesn’t say “this has been going on since photography existed, so no one is denying the history or utility of these makeup techniques, just ignorant of it. And even if it is historically valid, that doesn’t mean the people using the technique now aren’t vain.

But isn’t being “aghast” in the face of a practice you weren’t aware of an aggressive expression of ignorance?

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I don’t think so. Once you know there’s something you didn’t know, then yes. But then, that’s aggressive, and not necessarily idiotic.

I mean i get it. Streaming, making videos and building an audience is hard, so whatever a particular group thinks they need to succeed then sure go ahead. I am not interested in watching these people but clearly some are, and i think that the weird make up specifically tailored to work with filters is clever.


He kinda does though, tbh.


For me it’s kind of impressive, in the same way non-photorealistic rendering can be.


I am with you on the laissez-faire attitude.
As long as what they do doesn’t have any value, nothing of value has been destroyed either.

Or they look like him. Even though there’s a lot of processing, in order for the motion-capture to effectively transmit his acting, something of the shape of his actual face is brought out. He’s not completely erased.

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This sort of streaming seems silly to me.

Then I think about the kind where people just play videogames on camera and realize that is also silly and dumb.

Streaming is silly and dumb.

Get off my lawn.


I first played videogames in arcades. Most of the time in the arcade was standing around watching someone else play videogames. I understand that people think that the watching part was just waiting and it’s something you wanted to minimize. Really, though, as a kid, watching someone else who as really good was more fun than playing myself. I think watching other people play has always been a big part of videogames for many of us.


This is why I do all my interpersonal relations through streaming



I didn’t say idiocy, I said ignorance, but I’ll let that slide. Taking a gratuitous metaphorical shit on your fellow humans because they do something you don’t grok is ignorance. I’m down with folks wondering why people are doing makeup they don’t understand asking why. That’s a path to enlightenment. I’m not down with them denigrating people for doing makeup they don’t understand as vanity, artificiality and ageism, which is precisely the context of the quote to which I directly responded in Rob’s original post. I’m sick and tired of bigotry, sexism, classicism, ageism and humans who denigrate other humans for doing their goddamn job.