Twitter and Facebook kill Iran disinformation accounts targeting Americans

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If they’re trying to eliminate Iran-related misinformation on Twitter, can they just delete John Bolton?


How about instead of a shooting war, the two countries just fight it out with Twitter bots?


But Russian, Chinese, and Koch accounts are all fine, because they pay good cash money.


Our Trump Twitter Bot is a formidable adversary.


stupid Iran, when will they realize they are not as rich as Russia!?

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Pro-Iranian news?!??!!! THE HORROR

White supremacists and Nazis? Well we can’t suppress free speech.


I whish @xeni and others who report on stuff like this would simply use the term propaganda or (social) media campaign.

War is an ultimate measure, when all other things end.
Important decision-makers started talking in earnest about how “cyber attacks” could be retaliated against with “conventional” warfare a long while ago. STUXNET was already physically targeting something physical via IT at the time. However, I think we should be careful not to conflate and confound an actual act of physical aggression with targeted manipulation of the public opinion.

Mixing up online trolling, fake profiles, bots, and other propaganda measures with real, actual warfare is very, very dangerous. Doing so while reporting said issues is, in itself, manipulative. It tricks us into an aggressive state of mind…

…fuck that, I’m going to flip a table and shoot everyone who does that ever again in the head with chewed tweet printouts from a straw! If you desire infowars, I give you info wars! I can do this, this is in self defense! I ask everyone here to print out old Trump and Rohani tweets an chew on them, and spit them out undigested! We can make this social media warfare! We can even film ourselves, put it on YT, GIF it to imgur with meme text and add a cat tax! WE CAN WIN THIS! STOP REFERRING TO ONLINE PROPAGANDA AS SOCIAL MEDIA WARFARE OR EAT OUR SPITTLEBALLZ!1!11

(SCNR. Must to aim for the lolz, because that narcissistic personality of mine makes me kaput if I don’t get all the lolz and likes. SPITTLEBALLZ!!!1!11)

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