Twitter stock hot


That’s not good, it means that the IPO was seriously under-priced and they’ve given away billions of dollars of value that should have gone to their previous owners to the people and organisations that bought stock in the IPO. You need a modest post-IPO price bounce, but 80% is way too much.

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This seems like insanity. A market cap just north of 60 billion puts you in the top hundred of the S&P 500. Companies you know and loath, Comcast, Kraft Foods, The Altria Group, American Express, that sort of thing.

How exactly, is a company with a commanding market share in moving the world’s 140-character witticisms around worth even close to half as much as a company with a commanding share in moving American’s money around, and charging a cut for each such operation?


Pay no attention to that fungus behind the curtain.

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