Twitterbot catches Russian State Media anonymously editing MH17 Wikipedia entry

That;s a very slanted view.

Xeni and the entire civilized world IS AND WILL REMAIN livid about bodies being moved by amateurs while the very people people who do that for a living, who live on-call for such an accident, were ALL being kept at arms length, against international treaty obligations.

Do you honestly think anyone is upset that the bodies were sent to an unknown location, like, becasue of taste issues??? I mean, really? It was an illegal act, under treaty, for the locals to clean that up.

But by all means, keep attacking the personalities. It totally exposes your agenda, and I think that’s awesome.


and who would that be? the 17 guys from the OECD? Of course locals will do that work. Investigating an air crash is the responsibility of the aircrafts home country and the country the accident happened in. I don’t say there were no mistakes made, but I haven’t read about the Malaysians actively being kept away, either. And I don’t think there is any obligation, nor does anyone in his right mind would ask, to leave 300 bodies out in the summer heat for days.


You mean the hundreds of bodies that had been shoveled onto the plane which was set on autopilot before the flight crew parachuted?

Yep. That sounds good for me too.

One thing Russian paras seems to need to learn about is policework. Basic issues like chain of custody. When the folks who are tasked with crash investigation are barred from the scene at gunpoint, that taints the evidence. When Russian paramilitaries figure out how to do paperwork without clipping off their fingertips and not being drunk on duty and shooting down airliners (according to @Ygret’s sources), then they can move on to other issues all militia have trouble with, e.g. not beating civilians to death and the like.

Apparently you just change the subject back to NATO and OECD, a lot. Almost like you read them -into- everything. Is that fair? Anyone else agree?

The International Civil Aviation Authority is what I was talking about, but you’re on another track entirely, so, good luck.

From the WSJ “Article 26 of the Chicago Convention vests the Ukraine with the responsibility to conduct such an investigation in providing that: […] the state in which the accident occurs will institute an inquiry into the circumstances of the accident.

I see my mistake in thinking that it applied. It would have to have been an accident. Perhaps the steps taken were all entirely appropriate? Would you say that?


Are you sure that is how winners talk? Because that sounds like loser to me.


I wasn’t mentioning the NATO, and from the OECD was the group who were at the crash site, so, spot-on-topic.

No such thing. Are you talking about the ICAO? They don’t conduct investigations.

indeed, but whether that that implies that it

is obviously disputed, and definitely not practical.

No, I wouldn’t, but considering that the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” is not a recognized state, and probably hasn’t found time to sign the Chicago Convention, and that the Malaysians wouldn’t know whom to call, I think handing the flight recorders over within 2-3 days isn’t so bad as you paint them.

You’re awesome dude.


This would be true, if that comment were in this thread. Since it’s not and your first comment in this thread is having a go at Cory for bias, you’re really just a dishonest hypocrite.

If you want to give the cliche dumb American

Except I’m not American and I constantly rail on such blind flag-waving. Nice try though.

until some ranting lunatic comes along who doesn’t only have very strong views and a limited POV, but doesn’t even know it.

An excellent summary of your contributions.

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