Rebels seize MH17 plane crash black boxes and bodies, human remains shipped on train to unknown site


Yeah, these Donietz folks will fit into Putin’s Russia just fine.

How soon until the missing bodies get blamed on Fascists and Jews?


When someone tries to cover up evidence of a crime, he’s doing so because he was part of the crime. I think that right now the main aim of Moscow is to hide enough evidence to prevent this crime from being linked back to Putin’s government. They’ve probably already concluded that the involvement of the pro-Russian rebels can’t be covered up.


Yeah, that’s gonna go down well…

Way to make the entire world bring the hate.


Gay Fascists and Jews, of course.


You don’t have to qualify fascists… everyone knows that all fascists are gay. /s


Putin has completely lost all credibility and control. He stands revealed as the savage he is. It’s little surprise to see him for what he’s worth, most people understood that about him anyway. I also recall that this is the man Sarah Palin was fawning over, gushing some nonsense about him being a real man. Thus we see what our own lunatic right winger’s value in their leaders. God spare the world that harbors such trash.


Right now the efforts are not about avoiding blame, just about confusing the issue, muddying the waters enough that there can never be enough PROOF that somebody committed a war crime.


I just feel like the international intervention here is going to get ugly quick.


I rather suspect that’s exactly what Putin and his merry band of nasties wish for.

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As ugly as this, I wonder?

Uh…I really hope we’re not going to go down that road.

A civilian plane crashes in a war zone and we all expect the yellow tape treatment. Gotcha.

Demonizing Putin and Russia, I guess its fun. Self-righteousness IS fun. These people had their country ripped out from under them and yet somehow in our upside down world they’re the “separatists”. The US government helped to foment this civil war and somehow its all Putin’s fault that this airliner crashed. The narratives that spew from western media would make Goebbels proud.

I guess it hasn’t occurred to anyone here that Russia and the separatists had absolutely no reason to shoot down an airliner, while Ukraine and the US have every reason. By pinning a “terrorist attack” on Putin and “the separatists” the US has a much better chance bringing a recalcitrant Europe back into the anti-Russia sanctions fold. The Ukrainian civil war, with the US objective to alienate and isolate Russia, was going very poorly. Overnight this event has turned it around and we’re supposed to take the proffered narrative at face value? It looks like its working, once again.

It is possible “the separatists” shot down this plane of course. They had no reason to do so, but it could’ve been an accident. But that’s not how its being portrayed here and in the MSM. Its that demon Putin hiding his bloodthirsty deeds!

Being led around by one’s nosehairs seems to be an enjoyable hobby in the USA. But for once, perhaps the sheep could ask themselves cui bono?


What is this, Comparative Progress Quest Policy History? A Big Men release promotion? When Tools Fight? Energy Independence Counterinsurgency, side-dish of burial by rail (ugh, that came out worse than the ‘local life restoration facility’ thing I had planned) and refusal to accept relegation to desk duty?

Pray tell, what’s the “crime” here? What does Putin or the eastern Ukrainians get out of this? If they were involved, it was a clear accident, because they have absolutely nothing to gain from it.

Just realize that the narratives you’re being fed are just that, and ask yourself why you trust the same old lying sources once again. We’ve seen the US government lie blatantly about so many things and yet when something bad happens we still buy their line without fail. It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad.

That was the goal, and for you at least, it has worked. This is either a tragic accident or a false flag op, and given the timing and strange circumstances I’d say its a false flag. And its working perfectly.


The cover-up is the crime. If it had been somehow shot down by Ukrainian forces, it would be in Putin and the separatists’ interest to allow international investigators full access. Cui bono indeed.


And yes, yes one does. 15 thousand feet up is a ways to go. The parties are never identified so clearly! It does after all appear that someone casually picked a fight with everyone, and that their army is behind schedule in looting, unsurpassed enlightenment, etc. etc. accepting UN observers or whoever; is Yandex Calendar gone twidgy?

I believe, strangely enough, that the “black boxes” are actually orange. This image purports to show the real thing from MH17…

Yes they are. Black boxes would be hard to find.

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