Claims of looting at MH17 crash-site


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I’d say the conduct of the local authorities is dodgy as fuck, but um…

…In relation to what? A half-forgotten dream of propriety we used to share?

That’s just the thick end of a wedge pointing the way to hell for this handbasket of boiling frogs.


The likelihood of this crash site ever being investigated by something like the NTSB (or a multi-national European equivalent) was slim from the outset and seems to grow more remote with every single news story.

The only “facts” we’re likely to get are those provided by the separatists, as edited and approved by Moscow.


I hope the rebels know that by destroying what is effectively a crime scene they’ve lost all legitimacy to anyone who had any sympathy towards them before the loss of MH17. Even if the evidence wasn’t pretty strong in blaming the rebels for the shoot down, restricting access/making a total mess of the crash site only makes them look more guilty.

Meanwhile the United States and Europe should put more pressure on Russia to stop supporting the rebels and bring to justice the ones who shot down this plane. Also we should back the Ukraine government more than ever.


A plane crash in a war zone is subject to the rules of war, not those of bureaucracy. I don’t think that the families of the dead passengers can expect much closure, respect for their lost love ones, or anything else positive from this.

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This may seem like an aside, but, I think it’s important to know that representatives of the Russian press who are living outside of Russia are not putting up with the government’s behavior. Rather than be mouthpieces, they’re quitting RT (formerly Russia Today), the international representative news organization which is sponsored by the Kremlin.

Sara Firth quit RT Thursday after she saw the way this story was being handled by the London offices of RT. In March, Liz Wahl, quit on air saying, that RT “whitewashes the actions of Putin”.

On her departure, Firth tweeted a coworker, saying, “We are asked on a daily basis if not to totally ignore then to obscure the truth,” and that as reporters at RT, they, “work for (Russian President Vladimir) Putin.” In this article from last year, Firth said, “if anyone asked me to alter or drop something I’d be out. I wouldn’t think twice about it.” It looks like she kept her word.


They can expect the same answers as the families of the passengers who flew Malaysia Air Flight MH370 got…

In the sense they will never get any good (as in, accurate) answers, you’re very likely correct.

But with MH370, there was a multi-national effort, in good faith, to determine the causes and circumstances.

With MH17, there appears to be a unilateral effort to obfuscate the causes and circumstances.

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It doesn’t matter. When there is something to hide, as much as there may be cooperation on one side (or seeming cooperation), there is equal and opposite cooperation to obscure the truth on the other, and the bottom line doesn’t change…

And the false flag has done its work. Sure it could’ve been an accident, but its too perfect, both the timing and victims. And now a bunch of people fighting to protect themselves from a coup government they didn’t elect (oh I know, “Russian separatists”, right) supposedly aren’t behaving according to NTSB guidelines in a warzone and we’re supposed to bring on the hate. How does it feel to be a sheep?

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I have a rule I follow for these sorts of events. I don’t believe anything I read or hear from the western media at least until the furor dies down, and then I parse carefully and look for holes. This whole thing stinks of a false flag op, just like the Syrian government supposedly using chemical weapons against their own people which turned out to be rebels with aid from Turkey planting a false flag. Remember that one?

If you think the US government is incapable of a monstrous act like this to further its project of isolating Russia (which up until right now has been failing miserably) you haven’t been paying attention for the past 50 years.


I don’t know, how does it feel to be a terrible human being making up a fantasy at the expense of nearly 300 dead people? You’re sick.


That’s really neat that you can draw such an extraordinary conclusion based on the scantiest of evidence - and all of that filtered through two warring governments. How do you do it, Mr. Holmes?


We’ll see. I don’t think the area fits the classic description of a war zone… It’s a bunch of toothless deadshits that took control of some buildings and military hardware during a power vacuum. The West could flatten these motherfuckers overnight if we wanted to, and I really hope we do.

lawl. Did you just get done watching Zeigeist or something?

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Are you here by mistake? Infowars and Coast to Coast AM are more your speed.

No one is accusing Russia or Putin’s Puppets of shooting down a civilian airliner on purpose. Putin is being accused of giving very high-level weaponry to people who are basically Mafia thugs, training them to use it, and then hurriedly trying to deny it when they shoot at the first high-flying aircraft they see.
Sadly, there is nothing we can do. There will never be a real investigation, the people who fired the missile will never be prosecuted, and it will be months, if ever, before the families get bodies to bury, A lot of them will never be found, even if identifiable fragments are there, because the thugs won’t let anyone near the crash site. There are already idiotic false flag rumors spreading, and people like you will continue to spread them.

Your existence has made the world a stupider place. Congratulations.


Not baaaaaaaad.

How’s the wolf suit treating you?


How do you know what you know? The point is you don’t. My comment was pointing out the fact that if this is a false flag operation then its working, at least on you.

And by separating that sentence from the rest of my comment you make it seem like I’m spouting certainties when I’m not. Nice try though.

But what if -you’re- the false flag operation, mannnn? What if it worked on -you-??

Certainties? How about insults… which you are in truth spouting. Do you really not get that by being inflammatory you seek a reaction and not a response? Don’t complain, you got what you gave. The phrase turd in the punchbowl is somewhat popular around here. You made the wine, now drink the cup.


I’m not the one spinning fantasies. I’m trying to point out the possibilities and realities.

The OP and the frantic propaganda being spun by the hour in the MSM is the fantasy, and you are lapping it up like mothers milk. Did you learn nothing from the buildup to the Iraq war? Or from the false flag chemical attack in Syria that the MSM was so positive was perpetrated by Assad’s government? Apparently not.

What’s being spun “at the expense of nearly 300 dead people” is a web of bullshit and innuendo. Are you seriously going to believe reports from the US government claiming satellite images prove Russia was moving missiles across the border hours after the plane crash? Seriously? After all the lies we’ve been spoon fed ever since 9/11? Since Vietnam and the Gulf of Tonkin? Since the NSA scandal with the countless government lies? The fact that the American people, and supposedly smart ones here at BB, line up for the same old ass-ramming every time is frankly astounding.