Twitter's Dorsey is the only CEO to say 'yes' when asked if platform partly to blame for Capitol attack

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i appreciate that he was sincere in demanding a “yes” or “no” answer, and i also appreciate that Jack was the only one to admit that yes, there’s some responsibility to be borne. but i also agree that it’s more nuanced than that.


Props to Jack, but aren’t all of them engineers first and foremost?.. and good luck EVER get a simple answer from an engineer.




Senator: Mr. Zuckerberg, please answer in a zero or a one.

M. Zuckerberg: 1011100101110010110010010…


I dunno if it is that nuanced. Were any of these platforms the CAUSE or wholly responsible? No.

Did they have “some responsibility for disseminating information”, that is clearly a “Yes.” You can argue if it is 10%, 1%, 50%, etc. You can also argue they tried to curb some of it. But clearly they had some responsibility. Considering so much of it was directly from Trumps mouth on Twitter, you can see they clearly were hosting the largest smoking gun.


Zuckerberg, more than any of these other guys, just seems like someone who got lucky and, while he may be a great technical engineer, has none of the other qualities that merit him receiving the reverence that he seems to engender as some sort of industry titan.


Deflect and deny, deflect and deny. republiqans always - deflect and deny.


Ask dumb questions…

Isn’t the question a bit of a false dichotomy? It’s akin to “Have you stopped beating your wife? Yes or no?”

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No. It’s a pretty straight forward question.


Twitter’s actually shipped a number of pretty great features lately (last 2 years) that make the platform a lot more manageable. Here’s one example, the “did you really want to retweet this before reading the article” just in time reminder:

I’ve gotten that reminder a few times myself and I appreciated it (though the articles in question were mostly just obvious humor, not any kind of potentially dangerous misinfo).

I’m encouraged by the trajectory Twitter is on, especially compared to their peers.


No. Either their companies bear some responsibility or they don’t. There is literally no other possibility.

That’s ridiculous. Your question presupposes guilt while the question these CEOs were asked does not. They still could have said “no” even though that answer would be disbelieved by anyone with a basic grasp of reality.


largest yes, most influential? maybe, maybe not

youtube’s recommendation algorithm has a huge role to play in radicalizing white supremacists and qanon supporters

and apparently there are some studies that show that facebook fake news get the biggest shares - even still currently with “news” about people dying after getting the coronavirus vaccine ( which of course some do because the vaccine doesn’t protect you from all causes of death: it only protects you from death due to coronavirus. )


Is it?

It seems extremely simple and easy to permanently ban anyone who violates TOS.

It can be entirely automatic if you so choose.

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  1. I’m an engineer.
  2. There are complex questions out there that require complex answers.
  3. Doyle’s question was not one of the complex ones.

Howso? Help me to understand your reasoning.

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I suspect the reverence he receives is more about his being extremely wealthy, which causes its own distortion field, regardless of how someone got that wealth.

No, it really isn’t. That question, assuming you’ve never abused your spouse, is entirely impossible to answer - it requires a refutation of the premise. This case is more like asking, “Have you ever been involved in a spousal abuse case?” There’s different levels of involvement, and one could split hairs about what constituted involvement, but it’s a question answerable in the negative. You can’t (reasonably) refute the premise that the dissemination of misinformation led to the insurrection.


well, exactly, it’s not a “yes” or “no” question. there are a lot of factors involved. but it’s true that trump’s platform of choice was twitter, possibly second only to Fox news.

Yep. It’s not a loaded question to say:

Your wife has two black eyes and a bruise in the shape of your skull ring on her cheek. Were you at least partially responsible for this?

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