Two in five subscribe to streaming video service


Obviously I live in a bubble, because I think that virtually everyone I know has at least one of these.

If only I could get FIOS at home at a fair price without bundled TV or land line, I’d even consider Hulu for myself.

I wonder how many people said “I would love to, but my ‘broadband’ is too slow to stream. Thanks Comcast/AT&T/Charter!”


If Netflix doesn’t improve and stabilize their catalog soon, they’ll have one less streaming customer.

Here’s a fun game: Quick, think of a good movie you’d like to see! Nope, sorry, you don’t even have to tell me what it is for me to know it’s not on streaming.

two in five? That’s an underestimate, your numbers actually add up to more than 50%.

Hulu is pretty terrible in my opinion. I’d rather pay a little more to not have commercials. It’s also a Comcast thing, which makes it a whole lot more worse on general principle.


True that. I looked at getting Hulu plus and when I found out I would still get commercials said ‘Nope!’.


Maybe it accounts for people who have more than one service. For example, if there are 5 subscribers:

1 Person has Netflix
1 Person has Netflix AND Hulu
3 People do not subscribe to either


I block Hulu ads at my router. you still have to sit through a black screen, but at least you dont have to be subjected to ad crap

I have both Netflix and Amazon Prime instant video. Even with both services I pay a fraction of what a cable subscription would cost.


See, they told us online piracy would kill the industry!

I’m currently in the process of switching internet/TV providers, and found out that it’s actually cheaper for me to get internet with TV than it is to get the same internet package on its own. But Canada is an odd place. I’m sad to be leaving my current cheapo DSL reseller, but they’re growing too fast to keep up with new customer demand, so I’m going back to one of the big guys.

There’s actually a remarkable number of good movies on Netflix in Canada these days. I was actually quite surprised, considering their lackluster catalogue when they started up. Though I primarily use it to binge watch TV series.

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I don’t think that’s so odd. Verizon’s FIOS bundles feel coercive. Getting two things out of three (internet, land phone, TV – pick two) costs just as much as the triple play. Moving up a tier in internet speed or TV channels is like $5, but moving down is service-breaking. How nice it would be to have true a la carte service without prepayments, contracts, or bundles.

For me, there’s tons of good stuff on Netflix, enough that I would be happy to have nothing except that. My problem is not having enough time to watch. Movies are not as interesting as well-plotted TV shows nowadays.

Good stuff on Netflix right now that I would like to see (or see more of):
Breaking Bad
House of Cards
House of Cards (original UK)
Parks and Rec
New Cosmos
Star Wars Clone Wars
Doctor Who
There Will Be Blood
Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels
Tinker Sailer Soldier Spy
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

OMG if only could just take off a month or three and watch Netflix all the time.

So maybe the problem is with you, not with Netflix. :smile:


Bojack Horseman is pretty solid, too, and I’m hearing good things about The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Haven’t had a chance to watch that yet, maybe this weekend.


There’s definitely a lot of great stuff out there! Especially if by “streaming” you mean “usenet”!

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For the type of person who mostly flipped between the sci-fi chanel, and the indie film chanel all day, for me, it’s about the same quality and quantity of content for a much lower price than cable. Including the adult swim/ anime stuff and occasional tv series I’d watch.

I have gotten to the point where most of my netflix backlog is foriegn stuff I don’t have as much time to watch b/c it requires more attention. I can’t cook or draw or make chainmail or even chat while reading subtitles.


Much of their original content is worth it alone.

Do you know that they don’t have full control over their catalog choice? They have to contend with big movie studios and pay often ridiculous fees. That’s why they clearly focus more on TV shows than they do movies.

And do you expect movies to appear right as they leave the theater? That didn’t even happen in the VHS rental days. It always takes time, dude.


I watched it (Kimmy Schmidt) at my sister’s urging. It’s a bit uneven, and can be a little too broad/not clever enough, but I happily watched the entire thing just for Carol Kane.