Stay or go? This comprehensive Netflix 2024 trailer should answer the question (video)

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I mean, obligs, right?


One thing that Netflix does better than other streaming services is foreign shows. I am studying Japanese language it’s great to be able to watch movies and series in Japanese with subtitles. Other services have great anime offerings, but Netflix has a big selection of live action dramas in Japanese. I’ve noticed other countries are well represented, from Korea to Scandanavia. But maybe language learning is a pretty niche reason to subscribe to a streaming service.


Well, they’re certainly not making a convincing case with this video, anyways.

Yeah, and this is most of what I’m watching, and pretty much the entire reason I keep it. (And I’m not trying to learn any languages.)


As long as they’re putting out sandman… yes.


I really like the foreign (to me) shows. I get enough of American “culture” from every other source in my life, and I enjoy seeing stories told from someone else’s perspective.


I did enjoy the red envelope days.

At its height, the disc library was magnificent, with SO many obscure movies and TV shows. It was well over 100k titles, and streaming was never even close. It really stung when they finally ceased shipping.

I still have their streaming service, but I’m grumpy about it.

pour one out


Looks a solid meh. The red envelopes also made getting the mail a lot more fun!


So the four big streaming services available here in NZ are Netflix, Neon (which shows HBO and some of the US Network shows), Apple+, and Prime. So we just sign up for one at a time for about 3 or 4 months, cancel it, then move on to the next.

It takes a bit of organizing (a note in your calendar to remind you that you have to switch providers) But it’s not too much trouble.

Saves money (not much, but it adds up when you’re a fixed income Senior like myself) Also saves time because you only have one streaming service to pick from and it forces you to pick a movie or TV show.

Also, I can wait until, say, October (when it’s Netflix’s turn) to watch the final season of Archer, for example.


youtube tells me:

“Video unavailable
The uploader has not made this video available in your country”

kinda like Netflix itself I guess :slight_smile:


I find i spend more time looking at the menu of the same 20 shows in the different orders under different categories than any thing else with netflix, i can spend 30 mins searching give up and then just go back to watching normal tv, I get it free with my sky, if i was paying for it, i would prob just cancel it.

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There are a lot of good shows on Netflix, but Netflix is a terrible place to find them.


Absolutely. I don’t understand why people have multiple services. I subscribe to one for a month or two, watch everything that interests me, then cancel it and sign up for the next one.

I’m still debating with myself whether I should join up or not.

“This indecision’s buggin’ me.”


Yes, me too. I love the Japanese stuff. There’s some great Euro stuff too.

Netflix is my only streaming subscription, partly because in the UK we get a huge amount of stuff free on the BBC and ITV services. However it makes me sad to read a good review of a new series and find out it is on Apple or Amazon so I’ll probably never watch it.

I’m not clever enough to keep switching services every few months.

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there should be an app for that. :thinking:


If you have kids, subscribing to Netflix prevents them from watching kid-targeted ads on “real TV”. We spent a week at grandma’s with no Netflix but RAI Kids (Italian TV) and 3 days in they were already begging for plastic crap they never would have asked for at home.

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Well they don’t have Unfair, which is… not fair.

I suggest navigating the torrents of the high seas…

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Great name for a Netflix satiric pseudo-reality show.

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A show about people collecting art toys based upon bad tv shows.