Two lateral thinking puzzles


Oops. I misread. You said it wanted me to know what the joke meant. Yes, yes, I see, I see.

OK, I get it now. What you’re saying is this:

Why did Chicken cross the road?

To practice, practice practice.



The journey to enlightenment is like that of a chicken who started in one place, and did not stay in that place, feeling a nameless, internal motivation to go to another place, and did so.


So I am the chicken. I am the chicken. We are chicken.


Wait - now I get it. What does Carnegie Hall taste like?

The Buddha!



Now the word chicken has lost all meaning. Chicken. Chicken. Chicken.


Well, technically head cheese:cheesehead.m4v (836.3 KB)


I’ll be honest, I’m a little afraid of whatever is on the other side of that link…


Just a little song.


May I introduce Sandra Brookover of the Department of Agriculture? What she lacks in musicality, she more than makes up in factual information about meat.

The Primal Cut.m4v (2.3 MB)
Whole Lamb Picture.m4v (1.1 MB)

I think it’s distinctly possible that Sandra Brookover killed the woman in puzzle #2 with a leg of lamb, then fed the murder weapon to the hotel staff. In my opinion, she’s just a little too enthusiastic about the possibilities for lamb parts.


Those don’t play, but now you’ve got me intrigued by this album How to Buy Meat released by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. It’s not on youtube, but if you look up Sandra Brookover, you might be pleasantly surprised (and by surprised I mean frightened) by what you find.


Ooo - they play when you change the m4v to mp3.


Sardines. Gotta have’em…

Credit where its due.


Weird, they played ok for me. Maybe they don’t trust you.


They’re meatier!


You seem to have a thing for the meats. These are great.


If you ever have to end a party, just turn up the lights and put some sardine talk on an endless loop…


I don’t think it would even need to loop.


Oh, and if we’re talking about loops - here’s my composition, Experiments in Looping. This, too, would probably end a party (or start a strange one?).


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