Two Los Angeles city council people spent the night at a new Tiny Home village

Originally published at: Two Los Angeles city council people spent the night at a new Tiny Home village | Boing Boing


Having been homeless, anything is better than nothing at the late stage of the game.


One of these villages needs to be put up in every parking district in the county, with certain ones designated for specific needs (e.g. addiction, mental illness, young runaways, families, etc.). They’re the best Housing First solution currently available.


Also formerly homeless (now just “technically” homeless), there are two things in this setup that are monumental.

First, individual spaces. At the ARC in Austin, and also at the Salvation Army next door, there is absolutely no privacy, a condition which really wears a person down. Even the best beds are in a group setting, and lockers are often at other ends of the space. Stepping out of the facility often means being set upon by other homeless folks who are resentful, and a few folks who prefer to be criminals. Here, there seems to be communal space that provides some sanctuary against the outside world.

Second, KEYS for their own domicile. No guards walking through the place shining their flashlights in your eyes. No worrying if someone is going to try to steal your belongings as you sleep.


Bravo. But look to the Youth Empowerment Tiny Home Arts Village in Oakland, CA for an example that goes much further/deeper in changing lives. Quite the story, boingable in its own right.


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