Two Los Angeles cops fired for ignoring robbery to chase a Snorlax in Pokémon GO

So the in the USA they can fire cops for playing pogo, just not for shooting or murdering people…

So next time i should say the officer shot the un armed black man in the back, but that was only incidental as he was also playing pokemon and he should be fire for that…


It’s more likely they just stopped mentioning it around you to avoid having to deal with constant “why are you still playing that dumb game? It’s just a fad.” type comments. They get irritating after a while.

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Wait, I get confused… cops are allowed to lie all they want in the course of their duties, but can they also lie without repercussion when in court? If not, seems a whole new world of court dates await them at their perjury trial, no?


Let’s just be thankful that they ignored their Call of Duty and decided to play Pokemon instead.

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