Two Months with my Tablet Back

It’s been roughly two months since I’d gotten my tablet working, so I figure a status update is in order.

Recently reinstalled a bits and pieces in progress build of cyanogenmod/lineage OS 14.1 that is a combination of both plus stock android, and the screen defaults. Being upside down. This is annoying since Aldiko, Reddit, and a few other apps don’t care what the current rotation is they have this one true view of how the thing should orient and that’s that.

So why not go back to an older version that isn’t such a pileup?

Cm12 was apparently a bit of a mess, laggy and slow.

Cm11 worked fine but the xposed framework didn’t work on it, which annoys me because gravitybox, notification editing, autocorrect no matter the app,and a bunch of other things are so beyond handy to have I wish it were baked into stock android.

Cm 10.1/10.2 are nice, but apps are starting to have android 4.4 as their bare minamum, meaning CM11.

Currently CM/Lineage 14.1 for nook HD does not have xposed. This is mostly because android 7.1 is still very new. I’m hoping the builds continue to improve and lineage becomes a stable daily driver. Granted it is still somewhat surprising the nook HD is getting even these unofficial builds given it wasn’t terribly popular to begin with and it’s from 2012 to boot (five year old tablet in an ecosystem driven by yearly or bi-yearly hardware refreshes.)

It’s got chips and cracks in the casing but it works, it does what I want, and the charger still works even though it is literally held together by painter’s tape (cheap China made knockoff adaptor given the nook uses a proprietary thirty pin cable… That uses probably the same four wires USB does. I o not like the state of my charger. Unless there is a way to replace the port with a micro USB and micro HDMI ports? It’s staying though.

Would I recommend picking up the Nook HD in 2017? No. Even if you can find one cheap there is the charging cable issue, which is a shame because it’s comfortable to hold and could probably be gotten for $30 off eBay.

How is the CM/Lineage situation doing?

It sounded like a real bloodbath; but with some hope of recovery. Is the current state of the art ‘well, find some dude on XDA with links to a ROM and hope for the best’ or does it feel less like trying to score illicit psychoactives now?

Also, I’m very surprised to hear that an OMAP4 based device is still somewhat supported. TI ran like shameful cowards from support of those parts quite some time ago. Nice to hear about an ARM SoC that isn’t 100% tied to its necrotic BSP and jerkass vendor support cycle…

Is this your only Turing complete device?

Unknown. Supposedly it’s a lot better for the few lineage supported devices. The Nook HD/+ is still very ‘guy with a fileshare link’ situation sadly. Before things with CM went south it was on the official page and had official wiki how to.

I am going to have to turn over my geek card because I don’t get the joke. I know a lot about Turing’s work with AI, enigma, and such but completely over my head.

I believe he is asking if that is your only computer.

ETA: perhaps this will help:

Seven year old desktop (nvidia 720 for the sake of making YouTube bearable and the games it can run more stable.,) my cr48 laptop, and tablet.

I don’t have money to do constant upgrades and I don’t like giving up on a thing if i can keep it going. Contrary to my stepdad’s constant assertions I do not see a thing breaking as ‘oh oh well go get another one.’

I had the original nook, the simple touch, a game gear, game boy, and my original desktop.

The desktop fried when my family upgraded and it died a couple months after going into my older brother’s care. I kept it running for eight years and upgraded it to as good as the motherboard would allow. It ended its life loading a corrupt POST screen and the board itself warped from heat damage due to being shoved in a corner with no ventilation in an in airconditioned room.

My prior tablets screens gave out due to delamination on one and a six inch corner drop on the other.

The game gear flat out stopped working.

My Ds apparently blew a fuse I go pop a new battery in. Nada. No power light. Nothing. Which annoys me because I was big into the homebrew aspect of pushing the hardware past gaming… And it made a great little mp3 player via moonshell.

The gameboy turned into a gift to my stepbrother along with pokemon yellow.

The cr48 for a time was the one computer in the house and a botched bios flash had me put an SOS out on the mailing list google had… Which the owner of the wikia responded by mailing me his. Oh… My… God I am so beyond thankful to that guy because I literally cannot pay him back. That was six years ago.

So my history with gizmos has been… Eeeh. Mixed.


And now the wiring on my charger has pulled awy from the plug. It was a badly designed charger because the slightest bit of flex had the housing pop apart and the wires were basically three or fiveh air thin strands going from the cord to soldor blobs at the jack.

I am kinda pissed off to be honest.

My old S5 died the other day, so I took it as a sign that I should finally upgrade. The S6 doesn’t have an SD slot so I jumped up to an S7 and the first thing I did was try to get rid of touchwiz, which should be classified as a war crime, IMO.

It turns out there is an unofficial Lineage build for the S7, which was apparently never supported by CM due to problems with building ROMs for the Exynos architecture. It’s very much a work in progress (apparently it will be upgraded to “official” next week) but it’s completely stable and works like a dream. It seems there is a fairly dedicated core of people on XDA working to make sure that Lineage takes off and they’re doing a good job of making sure that Lineage is a viable successor to CM.

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