Two U.S. presidents and a reality show host announce deaths of terrorists in amusing montage

Did you experience 9/11? It’s as clear in my mind today as it was then. I feel nothing but gladness (notice I didn’t say joy?) that that man is off the face of the Earth. I’m happy no one else was injured/killed, but even so, I have no qualms about what that man saw coming (?) on the last day of his life.

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JHC man he killed thousands of people in one fucking day.

Yes, I witnessed the full horror of 9/11.

That doesn’t change the fact that anyone accused of a crime, no matter how heinous, has a legal right to be brought to trial, and have the evidence presented. Extra-legal killing is what terrorists do. We need to be better than that.

Actions like this tell the world that America doesn’t give a damn about international law. Yet at the same time, America expects its enemies to respect the Geneva Convention. You can’t pick and choose which bits of law matter.

All this does is ensure the killing will go on.


Hint: our government is ‘the terrorists’ to many other countries, and no… they are NOT “better than that.” They are virtue signaling hypocrites.

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