Two women busted propping up dead man at bank to withdraw his cash

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Really. They did that for $900. Wow. I could see giving it a shot if it was a life changing amount of money, but $900? Of course, you can’t typically withdraw a life changing amount of money from a bank that easily, so that was never an option. It just doesn’t seem worth the risk for $900. Or, if you are going to do that, drive straight back home, put the body in bed, and call 911. Odds are, if he was older and appeared to die of natural causes, they wouldn’t conduct an autopsy anyway. Jesus, people are stupid.


I suspect that, for them, $900 was life-changing money. Or at least the lack of it was. I suspect they heavily relied on his income, and they were pretty screwed without it.


Perhaps they thought that they could keep going back every day until they had emptied out his account.

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… condition of corpse notwithstanding.

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Well, no, because according to the write up they then immediately dropped the corpse off at a hospital.
I’m with @danimagoo, these people were stupid.


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My grandma (may her soul rest in peace) lived in Ashtabula. I visited with the kids almost every year until she passed.

It is a poor, dying town. The port is nearly defunct now that coal and manufactured goods are no longer being shipped regularly from there. The factories have mostly been shipped to China. There is a touristy part of town that is mostly Wisconsin Dells meets Travelling carnival, but an absolute blast for me and the kids.

@Shuck is absolutely right: $900 would be a BFD there.

More likely very desperate.

I feel more sorry for these ladies than anything else. While the town is very trumpee territory, it’s more from desperation at being dumped and forgotten than malicious bigotry. The tragedy is that the leopards ate their faces, but they still blame the medic trying to help sew it back on.


Addiction is brutal and will make people do awful things. Obviously I don’t know for sure it is the case here, but I work with a lot of people who are dealing with addiction and it isn’t pretty.

I also am a recovering alcoholic and addict. We don’t know enough to know if that’s an issue these women have. In fact, there is no information indicating that. Is it possible? Sure. But right now, there’s nothing to indicate that’s the case.


Of course not, but it is exactly the kind of short-term thinking and petty hustle that epitomizes addiction life.

It’s neither desperation nor addiction
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