U.S. Army Cyber Command completes move to Georgia base

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Well of course it’s in one of the army bases named after a slaver.


Consolidation isn’t always a good thing. Whatever happened to not putting all your eggs in one basket?

One of the early driving forces behind the development of the Arpanet (which begat the internet) in the first place was the perceived need to create a decentralized communication network that could continue to function even in the event of a nuclear attack that took out multiple major cities.

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Oh, I thought it might have been after General Shumway… :frowning:

Or all your cables where one backhoe can get them?

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I believe the bulk of their previous digs was near NSA.

One wrong shovel blade…

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Consolidation in this case is probably a good thing. You want people with related jobs to be across the cubicle wall, not across state lines. If you are concerned about a nuclear strike, then you have a larger problem.

The real issue is, or should be, in this Administration: was the consolidation to a red state because this President baldly seeks to reward the red states and starve the blue states?

It needn’t be a nuclear strike. If all the important people in U.S. Army Cyber Command work in the same building then that means you could severely cripple the entire agency by shutting down a single building.

That wouldn’t even necessarily mean a malicious attack; it could happen due to a natural disaster like a hurricane or a local disease outbreak.

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This would be a much better sitcom setting than the Space Force show.

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