US Army adds The Guardian to its internal censorwall

Lest its personnel find out about the ways in which the NSA has gone on a campaign of lawlessness, the US Army has begun to censor The Guardian’s website on its networks. READ THE REST

Because the Army is obviously the riskiest possible recipient of classified American data. Just fine for everyone else in the world to see it.

It’s like Custard’s last stand. Some strange edict from Custard the Cat.

Actually, I misunderstood. It’s because the intensive training and careful pre-selection of army personnel leaves a little room around the edges for hardened soldiers to be swayed towards liberalism when the real situation is so rampantly and inarguably anti-American

WTF is even the point? It’s not like no one in the army has a smart phone. Or family/friends not in the army. And it’s not like the Presidio is located in the middle of friggin’ nowhere.

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