US Army homepage hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

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“We take security seriously.”
“We have no clue like everybody else, and the one who does is too burned out to care.”


There really is an XKCD for everything


What’s the XKCD for bullying Cinnamon?

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“I am Cinnamon. And this is my revenge”


So, I thought I was being clever, but I’ve just gotten to the Cinnamon bullying post. This is what I get for not reading my news feed in chronological order.

Whatever. You’re a jerk, Cinnamon. A real knee-biter.


Sure, but can we still rag on the NSA about it?

I don’t see why not.

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Don’t these things happen every 2-3 years? I’m starting to think the government should just post fake websites with nothing but a bunch of propaganda and…



What I find amazing is all the information that was obtained from the Limelight Control Panel. I have several websites and control panels. I would say that the SEA now know who is maintaining the system, as well as who the Company Admin’s are, as well as their email addresses. Limelight says that security is important to them, but it seems that someone now knows who the operators are…and their First and Last Names…Wow! I think I can do alot with that information!!!

“Your commanders admit all your base are belong to us.”

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