U.S. lawmakers expected to introduce major anti-encryption bill


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Can we give them a couple of easier exercises to warm up with first? I’m thinking they could square the circle and prove whether or not P=NP. If they can show their work on those, they can qualify to move on to more advanced stuff like

“figure out how police can get at encrypted data without endangering Americans’ privacy”


So… If I (continue) to buy non-US designed/manufactured/assembled phones online from non-US retailers and continue to run android forks put together by people outside the US, a US law about encryption will do what now? Other than reduce the ability of US manufacturers to compete in a global market a little further?


Enter the cryptopocalypse, where there isn’t enough legal crypto to go around.
Water? Oil? who’s paying attention to those things?

You know, you see this…wall of ridiculous shit going on and it makes me wonder how things manage to hang together even to the degree they do, anywhere.


Are they going to solve P=NP problem by introducing some laws?.. Let’s outlaw gravity first then…


“would establish a national commission to figure out how police can get
at encrypted data without endangering Americans’ privacy.”

I’m pretty sure the solution will involve redefining existing words to have brand new meanings more to the liking of the lawmakers. You will be supplied with updated official dictionaries; on receipt, please discard old editions and use the new definitions exclusively, going forward.


Why should we accept that law enforcement needs access to encrypted information in the first place? It’s as if that part of the conversation has been decided for us and without our input.




Not to mention endangering people’s security. The argument put forward by the FBI and others that the tradeoff is a privacy vs security issue is highly misleading, in that it does not take into account the other ways our data, and financial transactions are a security issue as well.



The same country that refuses to stop selling guns to terrorists and the mentally ill, it’s unwilling to allow freedom of information security for any of its citizens.


My guess is they’ll get Shingy.


Someone should introduce a major anti-lawmaker bill…


Easy answer: You can’t.


Ruining the cyber security of billions of people would do far more damage than a handful of terrorists could ever accomplish.

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