U.S. policing budgets would rank as the world's third-highest military expenditure

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India spends more than Russia on their military? Are you sure about that?

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Either one is plausible, and entirely possible.


India has sabre rattling with both China and Pakistan, and open violence with separatists in parts of Kashmir. So not surprising they have a higher budget.


How is that surprising?


So the US has the first and third largest militaries.

Russia’s not in great shape and has about 1/10 the population of India. Their total government expenditures are less than half of what the US spends on the military alone.


Which is why the US is a very poor target for a land invasion. Well, that and every other yahoo has an AR.


There are certainly better ways to measure how the US overspends on policing, but this chart isn’t the way to do it.

If the US was invaded (by russia for example) a large number of those yahoos with AKs would cheer them on and join them. Their wet dream is for there to be chaos and violence in the US that would free them from fear of repercussion so that they can go on their dream of violent rampage and get back at all the people they feel have failed to show them the respect they think they deserve, or who they think should be ‘kept in their place’


I believe history has repeatedly demonstrated that land invasions of Russia aren’t a good idea either.


Particularly when you don’t start your campaign until October.


More than that, if you count those that die while in the clutches of the Prison Industrial Complex… found dead in a county jail cell, died from an altercation in prison, etc. The 1k are just the people that were openly killed that we know about.
Not surprising though, in a society that worships cops. And soldiers.

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Source: edwardtufte.com


Well, India spends (roughly) $71 annually or $6/monthly per citizen. America (spends) roughly $3371 annually or $280/monthly per citizen.

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I frequently use that one in an information graphics class I teach.


That gives some interesting perspective. By the same measure, China is spending $186 annually or $16 monthly
and Russia spends about $453 annually or $38 monthly per citizen (again, roughly).

Given the amount of general agitation Russia generates around the world, they seem to be getting very good value for money from their military, compared to the US. I’m not saying this is a good thing, just observing.

I guess I’m just out-of-date. I know India have a lot of military issues at their borders, but Russia maintain a strong international influence, even if it is significantly less than in Soviet days. So I’m surprised their spending is lower.

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