The US has spent $122B training foreign cops and soldiers in 150+ countries, but isn't sure who


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Ah, so that’s why we can’t fix the USA’s infrastructure.

Got it!


We’re really good at being incompetent. Dunning-Kruger in action.


Would it surprise anyone to know that NYC’s pre-k expansion had almost the exact same challenges? And that’s domestic professionals in only 5 boroughs…

  • Trump 2016!


Ha, I just noticed the typo in the above graphic I posted… “no nothing”. How ironic.


Luckily, your confidence pushed you through.


Reminds me of the old joke - What does the ‘N’ stand for on the Nebraska football helmets? - Knowledge


All that money, and these foreign militaries we train still get their asses handed to them by a handful of idiots riding around in Hiluxes. Over and over again.


I was about to post my reaction but then realized it would probably be auto-deleted for exceeding the expletive ratio.


like the N - on the U of Nebraska football helmets. Stands for Nolledge!


We’ve also given a lot of people HumVee’s. And sold them used pickup trucks cheap.

These enemies aren’t going to just make themselves!!!


I’m seriously starting to wonder if this is the DoD’s central dictum, as well as their default strategy for securing funding.


Awesome - how to pick fights and lose them 101.


You know, Ghandi didn’t win by picking up a gun. And nobody made any money when he didn’t do that.


follow the money. Someone didn’t lose.


These programs help those who need it most - defense contractors.



Isn’t the military essentially a gigantic slush fund at this point?


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