Uber exec boasts of plans to attack critical journalist

Oh Yes? Is is called Tinder or Grinder? because those exist. :wink:

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Why not taxis?

If the entrepreneur is exploiting people who can’t understand how they’re working against their own self interest labor laws will be ignored and broken at very opportunity because, as you said, unprotected employees have no recourse and will simply be out of a job if they dared to speak truth to power. I’m not saying the E people are out right polluters of the environment but without oversight nothing stands in their way.

Walk, run, skip, hop, crawl, prance, mince or thumb-it.

Taxi service is generally terrible outside of major metropolitain areas, specifically in all the mid-sized cities I’ve lived in and visited. Uber has been much more reliable when my own car/bike/feet aren’t up to the task.

Actually, I might be looking for Cuddlr


I think the best part of this story is that he detailed this idea to a crowd full of reporters. Methinks he did not think his cunning plan all the way through.

What kind of mush-brained fuckwit do you have to be, honestly.

Uber just doesn’t look as appealing as when I first heard of them; what I thought was a better and cheaper way to get around that also provided income for starving artist drivers seems to have turned into the typical free-market corporate version of "we exploit everybody – our customers, our employees – because we must serve our almighty master: the bottom line (translation: our CEO/Board of Director BONUSES).

I think the day may be coming soon (I hope) when society holds ethics and morals-challenged corporations to account by simply not patronizing them at all.

The remarks attributed to me at a private dinner

I am not quite seeing the rationale for this weasel-worded doubt-casting semi-denial of a policy announcement which he then goes on to apologise for making.

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