Bloomberg reporter Dune Lawrence on being smeared online

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Makes a person believe in ethical eugenics.

Just how destructive does someone with serious, obvious illness have to get before something is done?

This one sounds like it needs the tag “Christ, what an asshole.”


Assholery always finds a Wey.


Boy, those email messages from him are totally _cra_zy. I wonder how people with such obvious personality disorders manage to be in positions where they make so much money. I’m baffled that anyone would trust some element of (or vital to) their business with someone like this. Unless they also had similar personality disorders…


Beyond ridiculous that every platform just washes their hands of this, whether it’s because “free speech” or it’s just algorithms (that are clearly being gamed)

Also, a very brave story to write knowing full well it’ll result in another wave of harassment.


This Benjamin Wey guy is utter garbage. Who spends that much of their life on stupid, nonsensical personal vendettas? Insanity.


Someone not too dissimilar, who is also thriving on personal vendettas, is on route to become US Presidential Candidate–late stage capitalism’s love affair with sociopaths might be responsible?


From the photo in the article: Wey outside the Manhattan courthouse, where he was found liable for sexual harassment and defamation. The $18 million judgment remains unpaid.

A rich arsehole in a business suit who doesn’t pay his bills? This must be a first!


The older I get and the more people in high level positions I deal with the more I think some of them didn’t get to where they are in spite of their obvious personality disorders but because of them.


OR maybe we should be shaming companies that allow behavior like this to be profitable.

Business ethics or whatever:


I was contemplating the process of finding work one day, thinking about how people give references and resumes. I thought about who gets chosen as a reference, and it’s overwhelmingly peers and people you are subordinate to (i.e. co-workers and bosses). To the best of my knowledge, people provide references who consider the “hire” in positive terms.

The point I am trying to make is the interview process is a trial for how effective you are at being subordinate, and as such is inherently weak at weeding out people who treat their subordinates poorly.

I have no ideas on how to address this issue, but it helped me rationalize how tyrants get as far as they do on a regular basis.

I don’t think we can blame late-stage capitalism for Trump - he’s too similar to those who rose in power in previous decades/centuries. (His vulgarity and lack of speaking - or thinking - skills, on the other hand…)

The CEO/sociopath connection. I understand how people with personality disorders might rise up within an organization, but when a company is looking for someone, with whom they’ve not done business before, to represent their interests, how do obvious personality disorders (even if the whole range of issues isn’t obvious) not disqualify that person? Do people think, “a narcissist sociopath is exactly the kind of person who will do the best work for us?”


I think it’s a matter of triage. They want someone eager and competitive, willing to bend the rules if it’s good for the company. They aren’t concerned about diagnosing or pathologising their interviewee.

Also if “The Wolf of Wall Street” or the song “White Lines” have any truth to them, cocaine abuse is rampant among the 1% (or the top 10% of the 1% and their children, whatever) and may even be encouraged. Cocaine addiction is totally in the DSM and some of the symptoms of intoxication and withdrawal strongly resemble certain (e.g. malignant narcissism, paranoia, histrionic tendencies, etc.) personality disorders on their own.

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Hitler was funded and nurtured by 20th century late stage German capitalists trying to save their nest eggs from the onslaught of the socialist masses–there are more similarities than you might realise. Except, of course, that Daddy is financing Trumpy–

The Internet has made it undeniable that far too many men are colossal assholes toward women :frowning:

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