Uber launches internal investigation over privacy violation involving Buzzfeed reporter


Whatever it is (and it’s a lot), this is definitely not a violation of their privacy policy, which clearly states that they can use personal data to “improve the services”.

I imagine that “internal investigation” is synonymous with “wait for it to blow over” at Uber.

Internal investigation? Really?

Can you hear the digital shredders whine & grind in overdrive?

Anticipate a new corp branding blitz from Uber following traditional Orwellian whitewashing model popular with unapologetic sleazebags.

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Eddie Barzoon rides again…

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The film also offers another moment that’s instructive. At the very end of the film, Pacino’s devil smiles after having snared Keanu in yet another round of soul-despoiling drama by hooking him by his hubris. That final scene takes place after Keanu kills himself, forcing a reset of the preceding drama which may be seen as a white-washing of sorts. To me, it’s Uber-esque as the “reset” is merely the application of gallons of gesso covering over the despicable and ugly truth of ego run amok which is, in reality, just the primer for the next round of devilish douche-baggery.

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