Uberdystopian: the surge-priced nightmare future


Thanks Cory, looking forward to reading this short-story after work today. (After I finish my rereading of Stephen Baxter’s Vaccum Diagrams :smiley:)

I know uber is the current bugbear, but “all too believable”? I think that gives them far too much credit…

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“Beneath them is also an unoptimized subway system that runs empty trains at night, where everyone pays the same price no matter the time or demand. It is a form of madness”

Maybe there are some subway systems that are really that altruistic, but systems I’ve familiar with, like the Washington DC metro, have charged extra for travel during peak periods, and sharply decrease length and frequency of trains in off periods long before things like Uber existed.

[quote=“doctorow, post:1, topic:47009”]treats its labor force as its gut-flora, to be continuously measured and perfected or discarded.

Or more specifically in Uber’s creepy tech speak: “deactivated”.

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