UCLA paper op-ed slams patent troll Nathan Myhrvold as commencement speaker


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I couldn’t tell the commencement speaker from either my high school or college graduation ceremonies from Shinola. They might have been Shinola for all I knew or cared. I appreciate that these students are conscious enough to be concerned, but I suspect that if they looked deeper they’d find worse examples of the administration wasting their tuition.

but but but…Modernist Cuisine!

not sure if I justify his business in some way by pirating pdfs of this $800+ book series…probably do

oh well

All I remember about the speaker at my high school graduation is that it was outdoors and started raining about the time the speaker started; while the whole class sat there with our hats steadily drooping downwards, the speaker droned on from underneath the nice little covered area they had. By the end I was cold, wet, and just wanted to go to home.

That’s not to say that all commencement speeches are forgettable, though…


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