UK consultation on orphan works


UK consultation? So they ask/get told by Big Daddy US Gov what to do?


I think you mis-spelled “EU Gov”.

I’m gonna tell you how it will go:

The UK makes the consultation, which goes directly to the trash can, enacts a law that enables big media to misappropriate most orphan works with minimal effort and maximum benefit.

The End (?)


No, I didnt. While Brits like complaining about the EU, they’re pretty eager to bend over and lick the US governments boots. Ironic eh?

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If by “Brits” you mean “the current British government”, then I’d say you were spot-on. Also, do you talk about “Pakis”, “Japs” and “Chinks”? Just curious.

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You ever heard of the concept of a democratically elected government? Guess who elects the british government and is ultimately responsible when they fuck up…

The media?

You didn’t answer MY question.

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I have a superb idea! As we’ve all learned, the various ‘performance rights agencies’ and ‘copyright collectives’ of the world have a fantastic track record of definitely not screwing over artists who are alive, known, and (however feebly) able to advocate for their own interests. They also have a genuinely heartwarming approach to interacting with the public.

Who better to administer a slush fund of indeterminate size in the name of people who almost certainly won’t come back to collect it? Such a position of trust and honor requires the sort of people who are honest even when not being watched, and don’t skim from the till, so what could possibly go wrong?


This doesn’t seem fair to me. I know BoingBoing gets (understandably) frustrated with copyright law, but giving away people’s creations for free just because the people who made them lost their parents seems like it’s adding insult to injury. Sure, change has to start somewhere, and it’s a zero-sum game in some ways, but orphans seem like the last people you should take assets away from, not the first.

What? It’s the creations that are orphans, not the creators??

Never mind!

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Instead of tinkering around the edges for orphan works, how about we reduce the copyright length back to a more sane length (A great deal shorter than now)

Oh wait, big business would hate that, my bad…

I’ve heard of this concept, but holding people given a hobson’s choice of ‘elite group backed by vested interests’ A, B or C repsonsible for what the elite decides isn’t exactly fair.

Representative democracy is an oligarchy with a small amount of selection between rival factions of the oligarchy (aside from the occasional time of disruption, but that soon gets sorted out and the outside group gets coopted - look at the history of the Labour Party).

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It’s my only friend, the end.

I’d like to ask you a simple question: Who is made responsible for Hitler? Ask anyone - especially a Brit or USian and he will tell you “the Germans”. He was voted to office. There was a size-able opposition, namely from the Social Democrats (SPD) but ultimately everyone was responsible for the things that they didn’t prevent.

You and your fellow countrymen/women ARE responsible. You personally didn’t vote for X but it’s your democratically elected government and you have to act to prevent the things done in your name. Even inaction makes you complicit.

So don’t tell me, a german citizen, that you are not responsible for your government. You are. I’m being made responsible for a government my own great-grandfather didn’t vote for!

As a longtime admirer of my father’s ability to craft sarcasm, you, ma’am/sir, are today’s internet winner.

Simple solution. Just make registration of copyright material mandatory. And force renewal every 5 years. Any have the fee start at 100 pounds and go up by a factor 10 each renewal. Done.

No. Then you are screwing the small creator, not big companies.

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