UK court refuses to let wife divorce husband, tells her unhappiness is to be expected in marriage


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Google tries to define a valid family. Predictable awfulness ensues


Who’s Pat?


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With regards the actual article. Egad. Also, sheesh. With added facepalm.


Leader of the patriarchy?


Too late. It’s infected Northern Ireland.


Sadly, it’s not a problem confined to the Brexit contingent.


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That might explain their receding hold on power, all the patriarchy is too busy trying to figure out who their leader actually is.


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The third was Lady Justice Julia Macur, who has apparently managed to avoid glaring sternly at a kneeling photographer.

Is there another photo of her somewhere else that I’m not aware of?


I am not saying that she doesn’t deserve the ability to get a divorce. In fact, uh - is it not just filling out forms and such in the UK? Well, no, wait, I guess we did have go get a judge to finalize ours.


I am just saying this statement:

unhappiness is to be expected in marriage

Isn’t necessarily false :wink:


There are plenty, but she smiles in all of them, thereby rendering her ineligible for inclusion in the judicial joy montage


So they should just stay? That doesn’t make any sense. Unhappiness causes stress, which can lead to numerous bad health outcomes. In this day and age, there is no reason for people to stay married if they are being emotional abused, which is what this sounds like to me. And of course, if the gender roles were reversed, he would have gotten his divorce with no problems.


Why is this still a thing?


Sounds like a depressing retelling of The Gay Divorcee.


Hey “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is a US thing, I’m not entirely sure we’re allowed to be happy over here, it certainly isn’t encouraged.


It became obvious to me when I was a witness at a divorce proceeding, that in my state at least, modern divorce is about using a year of legal separation to create an old fashioned case of “abandonment,” which is one of the justifications for divorce. So in theory we aren’t that different, but one year of separation seems MUCH more reasonable than five.