Christian couple vow to divorce if same-sex marriage is legalized

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Not sure how allowing for divorce doesn’t defile the sacredness of marriage…


Huh. Well, I guess that’s between them and their god or whatever. I mean, we debated not getting married because gay people weren’t allowed to…


So, Nick and Sarah, did those vows of yours contain an ‘in event of homosexualists’ clause; or are you going to break the promises you made before god and man in order to, um, uphold the sacred institution of marriage?

I’m not a fancy contract lawyer or anything; but I think you might not quite understand how this works.


Aren’t there places where more than two people can already get married?

Did the psychic shock of those events not echo around the zeitgeist, invalidating the ‘sacredness’ of their marriage long ago?

Or is the shared subconscious not permeable to that kind of information past international borders?


Screw polygamy. I’m really waiting for bestiality.


In other words, they make the sanctity of their vows subject to what the government does


Illogical people and their slippery slopes… I need a unicorn chaser or some baby goat videos or something, because these assholes have triggered my misanthropy.


Once you say that marriage is detached from children, [that it’s] just about love[…]

Evidently, in their minds single parents don’t exist, and neither do married couples with no children.


You know, as a little kid threatening to hold my breath until I turned blue never really worked out. Their variant seems to me like it’ll be just about as effective. But if that’s the handbasket in which those two want to go to hell, that’s their prerogative.


Don’t forget Loving Day is this Friday – celebration of Loving -vs- Virginia victory back in 1967 which made mixed-race marriages legal throughout the US. (It’s also Brasilian Valentines).
Another event that I am sure many Xtian couples lamented.


Good riddance. Marriage didn’t want you anyway.

But seriously. It’s pricks like these that ruin any meaning that marriage could have. They are part of the reason my wife and I commonly add a “but just for tax purposes. haha!” after telling people we’re married.


“Once you say that marriage is detached from children, [that it’s] just about love”

When did we (in Western culture) not say that? [I mean, besides back when marriage was a purely economic transaction.] Has Australia traditionally not allowed senior citizens and others unable to have children to get married?

“our most sacred institution”

I’m pretty sure the state’s recognition of marriage is a secular thing in Australia, as it is in the US. So unless you’re going for “all religions are sacred” (which I’m pretty sure they’re not - also this would still make atheists getting married problematic for them), then the “sacredness” of the marriage is to be found in the specific religion and its rites under which they got married, not the state’s secular recognition of that sacred institution. The whole “it’s against my religion” argument doesn’t hold water when it comes to gay marriage - presumably every competing religion is also against your religion, and you’re not trying to prevent all of them from getting married, are you?

Yeah, I have less than no sympathy for these people.


I think it’s great that gays and lesbians realize that they don’t need to pretend to have a heterosexual relationship to enjoy the benefits of marriage. Nick can finally shack up with his boyfriend, and Sarah with her girlfriend, and their current sham marriage can be dissolved to give each new couple the right to matrimonial bliss.


This would be funnier if they were Roman Catholics.


Perhaps a divorce is a good idea, if their marriage is so meaningless as to be undermined so easily.


Trapped in a marriage with a person you loathe but need a convenient scapegoat for the imminent divorce to mollify your judgmental christian cultist friends?

Just Blame the Gays! ™.


Wow. This isn’t just the nose, it’s cutting off your face to spite your face.


It’s a sad thing when people who are utterly miserable in their current relationship and hate their partner almost as much as they hate themselves feel compelled to blame others.

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If they were really committed to showing how dangerous gay marriage is to traditional institutions, they would have divorced and entered same-sex relationships of their own. I think they’ve shown insufficient commitment to the cause here.