GOP lawmakers attempt to define gay marriage as 'parody'


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if it’s parody isn’t it protected under the 1st amendment?

If you can claim money is a form of speech, surely it’s not too much of a stretch to claim another human construct (marriage) is too.


For God’s sake (literally), all you bass-ackwards morons just all move to Texas, secede, and be done with it. Then you can run your own Christian Taliban and leave the rest of us in peace to pursue or not our own understanding of capital T truth, please and thank you.


Think of Austin, man.


Please, make sure to remove all the nuclear weapons before letting Christians Talibans take over Texas.


as someone who is now legally married after over 20 years of being denied that possibility, i say how DARE they try to say my marriage is a “parody.” i will fight their bigotry to my grave if i have to.


The GOP just cannot stop thinking about Gay Men for some reason.


So the legalization of gay marriage didn’t make gay marriage legal? Weird, I had no idea.


Well, as long as we’re talking about “parodies,” WY and SC, maybe we could add “parody democracy,” “parody justice,” “parody equality,” and “States of Parody.”


Man, they just loooooove a lost cause down south.


These parody lawmakers need to start thinking instead of trying to weasel word themselves into heaven.


Maybe I don’t get what they are doing, but I fail to see how any attempt to “redefine” a particular kind of marriage is not in clear conflict with the Supreme Court’s ruling.

You can’t simply contrive a path around the precedent. Democracy is a fragile state. Fuck those who treat it shabbily to serve themselves.



sigh. local news promos are no substitute for the real thing-- except outside of certain US markets.


Speaking as someone who used to spend a lot of time studying scripture and the lives of holy men and women, people like this are obviously practicing a parody of Christianity.


Can anyone remind me which year the GOP are trying to wind the US back to because I can’t keep up.


It seems to me that this is all distraction and misdirection, in the same way pickpockets do it, and with a fairly similar end result.


You literally cannot parody these conservatives any more. This parody thing is proof.


TGOP obsess about LBGT lifestyles to the point of parody, Oh, they already proved that.


Yet again, we see pure projection on the part of the GOP (“Grand Old Parody”) and its lawmakers (parodies of human beings).

I’m not sure of the exact year, but I’m pretty sure it’s pre-1865.

Besides appealing to their base with empty gestures, I’m not sure sane minds can comprehend what they think they’re doing.

I think they’re just going to go directly to using Onion articles as public policy. I mean, all the time, instead of just some of the time.