Bigots who swore their religious beliefs would force them to divorce if Australia passed marriage equality renege on promise


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“We will be making no further comment.”

Well thank you so very much.


they meant their “public comments regarding civil divorce never envisaged me separating from my wife, but rather our marriage from the state.”

Good. Now the state has these bigoted idiots’ express permission to take away all the tax benefits and other goodies that state recognition of marriage usually gives a couple. At least they’ll still have their shared belief in an Invisible Bearded Sky Man™ to see them through.


Biggots. You can’t trust 'em.




This is no different than all the people in the USA who threaten to move to Canada if XYZ happens. Who’s the bigger idiot? The one who makes the statement or the one who believes them?


We can always call it a draw.


I’ve been keeping tabs on this, but not closely watching. Why “absurd”?


My word. I just experience a real, actual, LOL.


Because it was a huge waste of money, and from the outset was never necessarily going to be made law even if the majority of people voted for it. And because we have a conservative government which lacked the political spine and/or will to simply enshrine this human right in law, it instead made the people ‘vote’ for or against same sex marriage. Which lead to a hugely dishonest campaign from the ‘no’ side. And fuckwits like this couple who are still moving the goalposts and/or whinging about having lost. Guess it never occurred to them to graciously accept defeat and/or shut the fuck up.

Also, the LGBTI community said it wasn’t fair nor right to ask the Australian public to have a say on what is, ultimately, a deeply personal issue and a simple human right. Especially when the homophobes and bigots persisted in trying to make the campaign about everything it wasn’t actually about: religious freedom, pedophilia, school sex education, etc. My friends said it was very insulting and took them back to the time they had to fight to be accepted and acknowledged as part of society.

TL;DR The whole thing was wrong and absurd.


They had an agreement with the State.
They were allowed to be married while those they considered godless heathens were not.
What is the point of a marriage if not to be given State Sanctioned Superiority to others?

Now that the State has allowed the gheys to marry, the next step is to Disallow marriage for God Fearing Heterosexuals. This Is The Gay Agenda.


Well it turns out an asshole is full of hot air…


There is actually no problem. Cancel all State marriages of people whose religions oppose equality. Have nothing to do with them. Don’t recognise them in law.


Because the only “law” that matters is “God’s Law”, see handy chart for what is allowed:


Huh? So they want to divorce… the state?

I guess that’s what they’re asking for, as nothing else makes sense. Though I suppose asking for “sense” from these sorts of people is futile.


This is what happens when you don’t read the marriage EULA.


To paraphrase NK Jemisin, you don’t hold votes on who gets to be people.

A public referendum meant official sanction for bigoted, discriminatory, homophobic lies to become a daily part of public discourse. It was an exceptionally painful and demoralizing process for the LGBTQ community, serving only to widen divisions and deepen anger and discord. And it was wholly unnecessary: the referendum had no legal ramifications, it was non-binding, the Australian Parliament was quite free to ignore the results. Or, you know, show some spine and do the damn job they were elected to do by passing laws and doing the right thing without being spoon fed results of an expensive and divisive referendum.

Absurd isn’t the right word. Shameful. Insulting. Cowardly. Harmful. Immoral.

No voting on who gets to be people.

Congratulations to Australia, and especially to its LGBTQ community. Most of the country has their back and shares their joy. Hopefully bigots like the Jensens will be resoundingly mocked so that they crawl back under the sad, hateful rocks under which they live their sad, hateful lives.


Always useful to have a reminder of what “Biblical marriage” really means.


The referendum did put a few issues in the open though. We now know that Tony Abbot’s views on marriage equality are the opposite of the electorate he represents. The Liberals will have to look at that before they decide who is selected to run in the next election. Its a safe seat but there is no value in just giving votes away.


The views of many national leaders seem to be the opposite of the electorate they represent - what’s new?