UK Intellectual Property Office grants trademark on "should've"


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That’s crazy. Everybody knows it should be “Should of gone to Specsavers”.


averse: having a strong dislike of or opposition to something.
adverse: preventing success or development; harmful; unfavorable.

Sorry, pet peeve.


If the European trade mark register is correct they filed SHOULD’VE GONE TO SPECSAVERS for the Nice classes 9, 35 and 44 (all related to optics like glasses) and 16 (paper, in this case most likely used for promotion materials).

imho a fine use for the trade mark system (notwithstanding that one can loathe this legal instrument in general)

blargh, just saw the link Cory posted - the legitimacy of “SHOULD’VE” as trade mark for even more Nice classes is, uh, debatable


I see what you did there :wink:


They shouldn’t’ve done that.


Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve.


Shudder, more wooden, ruminant


They can’t’ve thought it through.


I’d’ve come up with a less generic trademark if I were them.


Speech recognition has a bit of a problem looking up the ‘New Books on Terrorism and Corruption’ podcast for me too (spoiler (for me): all British Officers’ Fault.) Is there a vocal tic for adding -fvn to queries? I ask Samsung what ‘walking pneumonia’ is and instead of replying ‘mycoplasmic,’ it’s all “I found walking for you!”

They will hear from my “shudn’a effing” and “shudnattanea” attorneys for the over-similarity of their claim. [Brings up ‘attorney categories’ on phone. Lessee…mine, not mine’ses, not mineses, not mine’ses…]


It sets a lame precedent, but I would say that they can keep the contractions. Contractions are lazy and encourage poor diction. Consonants are your friends.


Go back to Wales!


I was wondering if the other two are up for grabs.


It’s dumb. It’s like when Disney tried to trademark “Day of the Dead” and except the trademark people were like “No, Disney. It’s already a thing, you can’t keep it.”

I reckon “Should’ve” has been used in slogans before, like “should’ve bought x-brand!”, goddam it specsavers. I used to think that you were a fine company with varying and humourous adverts in a world of terrible adverts and you go and do something unecessary and douchey and just fucking wrong. Ugh, you’ve gone way down in my estimations you goddam idiots. Also special fuck you to the wallies that authorised it.




If it hasn’t…


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