UK okays Amazon's exploration of drone deliveries for customers in Britain

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What could possibly go wrong?


Sooooo many things. This might work in the nicer bits of London, say, but as an example, when the Tyne Bridge had its red carpet opening (srsly, they carpeted the whole bloody bridge), once the Royals had trundled over it into town, the enterprising locals were out with their biggest scissors to nick bits of it for their houses. I don’t expect that 21st century Northerners will feel any different about Amazon’s ‘free prize with every tiny helicopter’ programme.


It’s all part of Amazon’s diabolical plot to position flying consumer goods spies into your house.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of, if any, regulation will be required here. Obviously amazon are going to be tracking these things on their network via GPS, plus the drones themselves will know where they are at all times, but will there (should there) be a national tracking network for them as well (instead)? Will there be regulations on the security these things will be required to have to prevent ppl trying to commandeer them?

It’s a pretty exciting development though, looking forward to it.

It’s being funded in part by your friendly neighborhood NSA.

I don’t think it would work in Oxford either. I had a parcel delivered to some random person last week and I don’t know who they gave it to. My next door neighbour was outside at the time it was delivered and they didn’t see anyone.

I’ve already complained to Amazon about their delivery people leaving parcels on my doorstep when I am at home, I’m sure I have have had other parcels stolen from there.

Doughnut drones!

Not to mention problems caused by the drones themselves - the collisions, noise, normalizing invasive drones in urban areas…

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