UK Royal Society's #1 cybersecurity recommendation: don't backdoor crypto

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I can easily predict our governments reaction to this:

"I don’t believe that is true"
Puts backdoor cypto into law anyway.

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They still think they can ban end to end encryption, though.

The motto of the Royal Society, incidentally, is nullius in verba, which translates as “Take no-one’s word for it”


I think this report gives valuable insight and direction for cybersecurity (I am a member of its steering committee). I also wrote some of my own comments on the report.

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I fully expect the snoopers charter to come into law unfortunately, the majority of MPs voted for it (444 to 69) and with brexit the opposition to it has just become swamped. I don’t think this report will make a blind bit of difference, if it doesn’t fit with their agenda then they just ignore it and sack any advisers telling them something they don’t wish to hear. A lot of political commentators have pointed out theresa may reads every report given to her as one of her strengths but not in this case, she is aching to make this law. The response from my own MP (labour) was just more party-line bullshit.

Good luck convincing your spy queen of that. We’re talking about a climate denialist here, so I wouldn’t expect that there’s any chance that evidence can change her mind about anything.

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