UK Snooper's Charter is so broad, no one can figure out what it means

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Don’t you worry your pretty little heads about it. We’ll provide ongoing clarification through a series of broad demands issued as it suits our convenience, most of which will be secret, as a service to anyone who might become confused when trying to correlate the entire collection into a coherent set of rules.

Nothing prevents overdetermined rulesets like enthusiastic classification!


The right of the people, to pay for the activities of the security services, which shall include all kinds of searches for anything on any pretext whatsoever, shall not be infringed.


I’m America there is this crazy massive hypocritical gap between the government cracking down on privacy and its laxity on deadly weapons.

Urgently “protecting” the nation from a hypothetical threat while visually ignoring an urgent actual threat.

What’s the UK parallel? Wealth inequality?


Aaaaaand, just in time for this, New Report Debunks FBI’s ‘Going Dark’ FUD.

Like, would it kill the pols to actually find out what’s really going on before ruining the lives of/killing/screwing a lot of people? Well, apparently, it would - because f*ck you!

/Well, It IS your job, so f*ck you right back and do it. Jeez, you lazy bastards.


House prices. These are the biggest economic problem the UK faces. They are totally out of sync with incomes, and if interest rates rise there will be a bubble collapse the like of which few of us have seen before. Successive governments have reduced new house building to keep demand high and prices high. The result is a transfer of wealth to the older people and foreign buyers, and the younger generation pays for it through rents.
But no, kids, you’re poor because too much social security is paid to the unemployed, and not because a load of old rich guys are screwing you on rents.
(I am an old moderately well off white guy. My money is in bonds and “productive” investments. Could I make more as a rentier? Yes. Will I? Till my principles give out, no.)


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