UK Stingray surveillance: you can't know why we're spying on you

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Jill: How many actual terrorists have you ever seen?
Sam Lowry: Actual? Well… that is…

(Sorry I couldn’t find an actual clip, so here’s Sam humming a little tune for you.)

Frankly, some of what we need to do is intrusive, it is uncomfortable, and the important thing is we set that out openly and recognise there are difficult choices to be made.”
He said, having already made the choice for everyone.

We can’t tell you if we are employing tactics that undermine the concept of your rights to freedom in the UK but don’t you feel stupid to have assumed that you have any such rights?

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Buttle…or Tuttle?

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The thing is this:

Quite old by these days, so cheap enough for the plods worldwide to play with.

Also, as an active attack method, it is detectable. And there’s an app for that.

Edit: OF COURSE my phone does not support it. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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