Leaked Stingray manual shows how easy warrantless mass surveillance can be!


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/12/leaked-stingray-manual-shows-h.html


Considering what most lives are like, I suspect boredom-related suicide to be a real problem among spies.


Cut their budgets and destroy their equipment.


Defense: My client would like to face his accuser so haul that device into court here where we can examine it with expert witnesses.

Prosecution: That would violate the NDA!

Judge: Case dismissed.

Repeat until they get the point.


Windows XP? So can we do a reverse compromise of the stringray software?


Of course that’s why they never mention these in documents that they give to the court.


Could one pursue FCC violations against users?


I have not dug into it fully. It is possible LEOs get exemptions. Worth looking into.


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