The snitch in your pocket: making sense of Stingrays


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I guess this practice was not shut down along with the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping of american citizens?


There are a couple of Android apps that will help sniff Stingrays out and block them.
@shaddack has pointed them out a few times. They are usually limited to specific hardware and ROMs since they do some low-level debugging. One is in the Google Play Store SnoopSnitch, the other is Android-IMSI-Catcher-Detector · GitHub (can be downloaded from one of the alternate “stores” SecUpwN - F-Droid)


There is a technical solution if enough people asked for it.
If enough people vote with this solution it will expose a greater need to change the societal problem.
The discussion started on the Neo900 community designed Linux phone forum, for a plug-in module in the hacking port to receive POCSAG one way pager signals. There is already a software defined radio solution but a low battery drain hardware solution is still needed.
A one way pager signal, receiving from a system with wide coverage in most countries, received in a way similar to a SMS can be clicked when convenient to fire up the GSM modem and call back, then back to stealthy.
Remain electronically silent until you feel safe, yet stay in touch 24-7, POCSAG paging on mobile phones is the beginning of the answer.
Even uber-principled free software prophet Richard Stallman weighed in that properly executed this might finally tip the balance toward him using a mobile phone.


…thankyouverymuch. I got sidetracked by Google and spent most of the day putzing around this:


Well damnit, thank you too now…


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