UK tax authority, gutted by austerity and buried by Brexit, can't deal with the crime revealed by the Paradise Papers


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“HMRC now claims to be better equipped to deal promptly with any large-scale leak of data,” the report said.

“However, the speed with which cases can be investigated depends on whether they are civil or criminal, as criminal cases will take longer to prepare. We are far from confident that HMRC has sufficient resources to deal with the full scale of the recent allegations.”

Translation: Come clean and offer to do a deal with HMRC. They’ll accept ludicrously low amounts if only you don’t make them sue you or prosecute.


Exactly the same as here in the States. Why do you suppose Republicans keep cutting the budget for the Internal Revenue Service? Is it because of their faith in the inherent goodness of man, that there’s no need for enforcement, because nobody cheats?

Or is it because when they facilitate tax cheating, the cheaters reward them generously?


Same conservative trick as always: underfund government agencies to the point where greedpigs can benefit from the resulting inefficiencies and then proclaim “see, we told you government isn’t the solution!”


The system is working as intended.


The IRS is in a similar position. Everyone hates the IRS. They may be heavy handed at times, but I pay my taxes like all honest American citizens should. I don’t hate the IRS. We need the IRS. We need to make sure people pay their fair share of taxes. It’s called a society for a reason and everyone has to pay their share.


I hate the IRS because they selectively go after the weak instead of focusing on the wealthiest tax evaders. But I don’t hate paying taxes.


These days, taxes don’t seem to buy as much civilisation as they used to do.


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