UK Tories created a secret anti-Corbyn Twitter army, which promptly attacked Theresa May

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Today’s “Well, what did you think would happen?” moment brought to you by CCHQ.

Next time they’ll just do what everyone else does and subcontract the job to Russia’s Internet Research Agency. Some things are best left to the pros.


And of course, there’s the fact that someone leaked the group’s internal Twitter messages to Buzzfeed – backstabbing the backstabbers.

It’s in their nature. The further right one goes, the more everything in life is seen as a zero-sum game.

ETA: right-leaning Libertarians just don’t seem to be satisfied with a transaction unless one party ends up on top and the other gets screwed, and as a result of that they recursively turn on their allies and comrades the moment the moment they’ve won a battle against a common enemy (sometimes before). Fascist thugs and right-wingers in general tend toward this thinking, too.


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It’s almost amusing.

The Tories are so incompetent and riven with factionalism, that they can’t even lay astroturf properly.



They can’t find a Tory willing to shout “Green side up!”


Neither can Labour, who want to stay in the EU and leave the EU simultaneously.

Their current 6 test will never be met, so they vote against. That leaves the Euroskeptics in the Tories with the casting vote, and since there are quite a few of them, that means a clean rather than a messy brexit.

Even the idea for a vote on the deal won’t be won.

How do you think asking the UK voters to pay 100 bn to the EU and sack nurses because the EU choose the socialist pension route and spent all the contributions [instead of investing them which is capitalist? That’s with Junker signing off the pensions regulations every month. He can’t claim ignorance

See, everyone.

This is how you do it properly. Don’t get distracted by your own infighting, just spam a load of incoherent talking points to knock your adversaries off-message, until they’re no longer talking about the coordinated astroturfing attempted by the conservative party.

Central office will surely be in touch with your 50c soon.


There are 40-50 anti-hard Brexit Tories ready to vote down May’s (or the ERG’s) proposals (As told by Amber Rudd on ITV last night) - Add in all the opposition parties, and the DUP if their red-lines on Ireland are not met and Rees-Mogg and has cabal don’t get a casting vote on anything.

Let’s not forget that Labour’s six tests are all gleaned from Leave Campaign(s) promises - They should be simple to implement - that’s what we were told.


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No such thing and there never was a chance of it from the very first moment it was mentioned. It’s gonna be hard, nasty and messy. Glad I live in a place where, grim as things are, the government doesn’t yet have to re-assure me that there will be “adequate” food supplies in the near future.

This goes to the ignorance of the harcore Leave voters, the same rubes who believed this claim:

… and the same rubes who believe that the EU isn’t firmly in the hands of the neoliberal globalist consensus but is instead run by an anti-capitalist Marxist cabal;

the same rubes who believe that an adjunct political science professor is a member of the “elite” while a multi-millionaire ibanker-turned-politician is just a regular bloke they could have a pint and a smoke with;

the same rubes who’d take the ill-informed comments you make on your hobbyhorse issue seriously (whatever BB account and proxy server you’re using to evade @nickle’s 1000-year timeout).

As with the GOP in the States, the Tories and Leavers would be nowhere without their Know-Nothing 27% of sucker voters.

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It’s like Colonel Stok used to say; you don’t use hooligans for political operations.


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