Ukraine burns


No, Ukraine does NOT burn. Bits of Kiev burn.

Not that that’s much better for those in Kiev.

As the protesters, reinforced by swarms of ordinary Kiev residents, erected new barricades around their extended protest zone, a woman mounted a stage to appeal for help from foreign governments to prevent the president from declaring a state of emergency.
Let's hope said foreign governments can get a little more off their asses than they have with Syria.
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So, the Princess Leia Party, a bunch of Nazis, and a boxing champion turned party leader got pissed off about the government not signing a free trade agreement with political strings attached, resulting in way too many people messing with Molotov cocktails (graphic imagery)?

The lesson here for governments everywhere seems to be: Better take care just how much you fuck with your citizens, because there is always a point where they´re just fed up and fucking pissed at you. Sadly, no government ever seems to learn this lesson in time.

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No, that’s not it at all. Go back and read something useful and try again.

Here’s a good place to start:

Venezuela is also looking quite flame-y and it was the three year anniversary of the Libyan revolution, on the 17th. Is there something about February? The people deserve to know.

I have no doubt that article is useful, but I wonder for whom.

The Eurasian Union, unlike the European Union, is not based on the principles of the equality and democracy of member states, the rule of law, or human rights.

Oh right, the EU, the great defender of human rights and democracy. I call that propaganda. You may not notice ideology when it is your own, but it still is.

Of course it is unacceptable when the police shoots at protesters! It’s terrible, and it has to stop!

It just rubs me the wrong way how different standards are put to different uprising. In Germany, the mainstream is anxious and defiant about the Greek protests, guess why, because it may cost the Germans money. But no one ever takes a look at what the Ukrainian protests are even about, well they are pro-EU, duh, it must be something good, then? I don’t say with certainty it isn’t, I just don’t accept blindly rallying behind this.

A fraction of the protesters, some but by no means all representatives of the political right and far right, decided to take the fight to the police. Among them were members of the far-right party Svoboda and a new conglomeration of nationalists who call themselves the Right Sector (Pravyi Sektor). Young men, some of them from right-wing groups and others not, tried to take by force the public spaces claimed by the riot police. Young Jewish men formed their own combat group, or sotnia, to take the fight to the authorities.

That the fascists are only a minority in the protests, as everyone forced to deal with that fact is quick to comment, is beside the point. For me, the point is that I do not trust any movement that even a minority of fascists can get behind. Well call me dogmatic, but these people are for me what the canary is to the miner: anything they can get behind, I get the hell out of it.

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