Ukraine slides into full-blown dictatorship with brutal new law




Didn’t we have a Cold War to put an end to this type of thing? Whatever happened with that?

And why doesn’t this get one-tenth the amount of coverage that “Bridgegate” does? A traffic jam from four months ago is more important than a veto coup in a major Eastern European state?


Vice is growing on me. The online magazine, Vice. Good article up there today about Cuba.

Hopefully the EU will take steps before Ukraine, and the -stans, get their own version of the Arab Spring.


For review: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”


Poor Ukraine. It is amazing how quickly shit like this can be rolled out by the ruling psychopaths.


This is terrifying and should be covered. But you needn’t not cover local government corruption at the same time. Why should it be an either/or proposition?


The problem is that each side is pretty clearly aligned with an outside power and the EU is reluctant to engage in a proxy civil war with Russia.


Especially as the EU gets a lot of its natural gas by pipeline from Russia and it’s winter …


Maybe we need to wait for European Spring.


True, although Russia is aware that that cuts both ways. Even the Soviet Union didn’t go there.


Here’s some live footage:


American ex-pat living in Krakow (8 years) here: I honestly believe that the Russians were simply more able to hand out cash and power than the EU were. Yanukovych is Soviet old-school and a politician; I doubt he did more than determine who was willing to offer more (carrot) and/or put the hurt on (stick) and then made his decision. Besides, he knows that closer integration with the EU - gods forbid actual membership - means that he wields less arbitrary power because they require governments with a bit more accountability and consequence.


heres some more: that German users may be able to check without the U Tube GEMA censorship bit activated.


it’s almost as bad as the “free speech zones” that are setup for people to practice their “free speech” in US


For those interested, here’s a petition calling on the Norwegian government to impose personal sanctions on, the President, the Minister of Interior, the 235 Members of the Ukrainian Parliament who voted for the anti-constitutional laws, as well as other people involved in the current violence against Ukrainian citizens.


Um, not exactly an “apples and oranges” comparison there eh?

While I agree that the concept of a “free speech zone” is absolutely ludicrous, comparing it to these legal changes in the Ukraine is like comparing a splinter to a 2x4 through the head. (since hyperbole seems to be the reigning motif here)


Who said anything about not covering both? I just think the proportions are way out of whack.


The proportions are always out of whack as far as international news, so point taken. But as a potential presidential candidate, the bridge story does have merit, in spite of the obvious jokes.


Wow… i know people who were banged up in HMP Durham (thats in the UK for foreign readers……… and a prison) under the criminal justice act for holding raves in woods/warehouses…… It seems to me that the Ukraine has just copied the UK Gov hand book on dictatorship! Where has our freedom gone?


First the Ukraine and then …