Russia Today anchor Liz Wahl quits on air


DAYUM. Well, good for her. I personally may have a more nuanced view of the situation than she does (not in support of Russia’s actions, but more like, weeeellll, doesn’t the USA do stuff like this all the time, what about those apples?) But I give her mad props for for following her conscience, as well as having enough chutzpah to resign on air. :slight_smile:


wow, bravo. that was bad ass.


Yeah, I do wonder if she’ll just be better off being a propagandist for the western, corporate media but it’s pretty saturated at the moment.


That’s not nuanced. Nuanced is recognizing that members of the interim government are Nazi apologists, and have made threatening (and toothless) remarks about ethnic Russians in Ukraine. Putin is still wrong for (allegedly, since he has authorization from his parliament yet claims the troops are Ukrainian militia) invading/stabilizing Crimea, and if the USA did something similar in the past (Iraq of course, though hopefully it won’t end up like that) it makes us just as wrong.


ie., the very definition of a clusterfracas.

You ever heard that two wrongs don’t make a right? This is one of those situations.

Russia’s meddling foreign policy makes them dickheads. US’s meddling foreign policy makes the dickheads. Just stop being dickheads.




Well, at least she’s got the conscience I wish overwhelmingly more people in the U.S. had, and I’m looking at you, corporate lobbyists.

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Liz Wahl dies in a tragic accident or suicide in 3,2,1…


The USA has pretty much nothing to do with the situation at hand, but because America can’t be trusted, it’s suddenly like people think it’s A-OK to start trusting “Best” Korea as the source of everything… Except in this case replace Best Korean propaganda with Russia based propaganda. Nuanced is probably more like figuring out what mental illness Putin suffers from, and who is going to replace him once Russia catches on and decides to replace him.

Hey, don’t you watch House of Cards? The lobbyist is one of the more conscientious people on the show! :wink:

We’ve got our propaganda too, but Western media is generally more willing (and able) to criticize Obama than Russia Today is willing or able to criticize Putin.

Yes, it’s the number after one.


Can has proof?

you know that the USA has spent $5B in the last few years in Ukraine to further “democratic governance”, yes?

You know that’s idiotic infowars misinformation don’t you? Find me a trustworthy source or STFU.

Ed: By which I mean, I don’t dispute the $5B figure… you just misrepresent the situation by not explaining that that $5B has been spend since Ukraine’s independence in 1991. $5B over 23 years is actually not that much. As a point for comparison, on the day prior to the US Federal shutdown last year the pentagon spent $5B on weapons in one day.

Must be fun reading the news with booster cables clamped to your electrodes.

Those evil Americans and their foreign aid!

I think he meant something along the lines of “Two, why only two? How about a gazillion wrongs don’t make a right?”

Like all quick-fire off the cuff comments, it’s not that funny after it’s been explained.

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