Ukrainian war hero detained for maybe trying to start a coup


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Not surprising if you’ve been following this gong show:

EDIT: And for a time the chief prosecutor and the anti-corruption honcho were investigating each other. I can’t remember how that turned out. It’s almost as bad as the Trump administration.


“Serving the country so honorably” is an overstatement. She is connected to Medvedchuk, an oligarch who has strong ties with Putin. So, she has rather been an agent masterfully deployed by the Russian FSB or GRU (read KGB). Many people including myself were duped back in 2014-2015. However, after coming back to Ukraine she has made plenty of statements that made it clear who her master was.

As for Saakashvili, I can provide the following analogy. Imagine if general Petain (head of Vichy government and Nazi collaborant) went to UK in 1942 to serve as a governor of Manchester. Then after being fired for dismal results, he would start campaigning against Churchill claiming that the real enemy is not in Berlin but in London. He would claim that the British government is corrupted because the citizens are forced to keep the lights off at night. The real motive is not to make it more difficult for German planes to find targets but rather to save the coal used to generate electricity, so that Churchill could sell it to Germans for personal profit.

If that sounds like nonsense to you, it’s not because of the poor analogy. I simply took Saakashvili’s rhetoric and replaced a few nouns.


She’s a war criminal. A leader of the Aidar Batallion, cited by Amnesty, and belonging before the Hague.
Many former Aidar members joined openly Nazi units, attacking Donbas.


And lest we forget…


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