Responding to Russian misinformation that he fled, Zelensky speaks: “We are here. We are in Kyiv. We are defending Ukraine.”

Originally published at: Responding to Russian misinformation that he fled, Zelensky speaks: "We are here. We are in Kyiv. We are defending Ukraine." | Boing Boing


Russian Bots & Tr0lls are out in full force, Ukraine misinformation is their top priority, sort’a like our KKKpublicans/GQP/Fox ass hats here in the USA.


This folks, is what a true hero looks like.


Anyone who believes that the Ukrainians are being unfairly ruthless to unprovoked invading Russian forces with mobile crematoriums is really, really gullible.


What demographic falls for this kind of fuckery every time, I wonder aloud…


I can think of two


Wouldn’t work. Only the U.S. rightwing still thinks Russia is communist!


That’s not true…you’re forgetting about Tankies. They may not think Russia is still communist, but I have seen plenty of them defending Russia.


I’m trying to! But you keep reminding me!


None here yet, at least. But we’re ready for them, along with the Useful Idiots.


They think Russia is a white supremacist, anti-LBGTQ+, Christian party town.


Thank goodness I’m useless


I’m not convinced about Zelensky’s attitude. He’s playing the Allende card when while not allowing men to be evacuated. I don’t think this is badass.

I also want to make clear that by criticizing the Urkainian president I’m not endorsing Putin. As a group moderator in another platform I’ve seen this kind of misunderstanding happens and cause flame wars.

All my respect to the people of Ukraine.

EDIT - To clarify a big misunderstanding that I caused

I’ve expressed myself bad, I’m not trying to say Zelensky is being coward because Allende was a coward. Allende was NOT a coward, pretty much the opposite, for resisting the Chilean coup until he met his fate inside the presidential palace.

What I tried to say was that you can’t emulate Allende’s gesture while you’re surrounded by men who you ordered to stay in the country.

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Welcome to Afghanistan Mk2


What the hell is the Allende card? Vowing not to leave then either committing suicide rather than facing capture and torture or being murdered (the facts are unclear)?


There is a bit on TPM (members only) that covers this. Zelenskyy stumbled into the presidency (he was a comedian), and has had plenty of time to think maybe he’s in over his head, but at the same time he has reacted perhaps the best anyone could do in this situation. It may not be the best political choice, but it’s the best moral choice.

From the link:

"But many of us face moments in which we must choose to face fear and live out our promises or run. Zelensky is passing that test.

The resistance we’re seeing across Ukraine involves millions or tens of millions of people. That’s about far more than just one man. Indeed, if there’s some miscalculation on Vladimir Putin’s part this is likely the heart of it: I don’t think he anticipated that the last three decades and particularly the last seven years had developed in Ukraine the degree of national identity and/or latent unity to hold up against a concerted barrage of violence and terror. But it seems almost certain that a rapid collapse of the state apparatus or evacuation of its leaders — while understandable at various levels — would have been a gut punch to the morale we’re seeing standing in defiance of the Russian armies’ onslaught across the country. "

Short translation: these are two newlyweds, daughter of a parliamentarian in Kyiv, the day after being married they joined the defense forces.

[ETA: I don’t want to come off like I’m glorifying violence-- a lot of people, including maybe even these two, are going to die-- I really wish it didn’t come down to this. But here we are.]


You know, maybe smearing a democratically elected politician who tried to prevent a takeover of his own country by fascists isn’t the best look right now.


If he was calling up every man to fight and then evacuated himself, he would be a hypocrite.

If he is staying, even though if he is forced into a firefight, it will probably lead to his death, or capture and then death. He is setting an example that if Ukraine has any hope of remaining independent, they have to make invasion and occupation of Ukraine too costly and unpopular for Russia.

Anything less will mean that they will revert back to their per-Revolution status of being a puppet of Russia.


Unless, you know, that is the goal