Ultimate t-shirt for trolling science fiction fans


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I can’t quite work out if thats brilliant, evil or both :smiley:



Not terribly subtle, but funny anyway!


If you really want to troll science fiction fans put this on a t-shirt:


If you can’t work it out then it is brilliant, evil AND playing mind games.


The greatest trick the dalek ever played was to convince the world he wasn’t R2D2


Why must people insist on substituting another franchise for another.
He was in Babylon 5 for crying out loud. Get it right!


 ftfy :wink:

BidiBidiBidi, Hey Buck.


that is wonderful. i kinda want that.




Reminds me of this shirt:


I remember a contest on a blog recently to win the Star Wars digital editions and you had to leave a comment on your favorite scene from Star Wars. I think the guy who posted “the part where Dumbledore was all ‘you shall not pass!’” should have automatically won…


But daleks never win…


Neither does Worf


“Make it so, Gandalf!”

–Dr. Who


Ha! I never saw that before! That struck me as way funnier than the sci-fi stuff! Thanks!


There’s about a million variations of this:

And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this one labeled “Star Wars”


My fave – I think that I posted it in some thread earlier this year…


BTW, my best trolling tee: