Ultraprocessing veggies makes them bad for you

Agreed with everything above about how misleading and woo-filled a lot of supposed definitions of “ultraprocessed” can get. I happily admit the intended category is itself fuzzy and any attempt at a short, principle definition is going to make what most reasonable people would consider errors. Still, I recently read a list of minimally processed or unprocessed foods that included raw chicken. This was right after pointing out that processing to make things safe to eat is fine! Sorry, no, no matter what definition you’re using, raw chicken can’t be there because it is not yet processed enough to be a food.

Edit to add: anyone who has ever been asked to nail down a definition of a category word knows how frustrating it can get. Fun fact, a judge in Indiana recently settled a case by ruling that burritos and tacos are legally considered sandwiches.


Just ask Ursula Vernon.


I think V8 at least implied a similar thing.


This is at best inaccurate. Our DNA is pretty much indistinguishable from the first homo-sapiens that evolved from homo-erectus about 300,000 years ago, long before the advent of agriculture and the domestication of grains. Yes, evolution is an ongoing process, but bear in mind it took about 6 MILLION years for us to evolve into what we are now. The last 10-12,000 years have actually seen us develop a whole host of diseases related to our nutrition, or lack thereof, that our ancestor didn’t have.

Anyway, what makes bread unhealthy isn’t the gluten. Gluten is just the boogey man that people glommed onto as an excuse to not eat carbs during the atkins and keto crazes. What makes bread unhealthy, unless you’re an athlete, is that it is just a big wad of sugars, with very little insoluble fiber, protein, vitamins or other nutrients in proportion to the calories. Unless you’re burning a ton of calories a day actively expending energy, it’s best to reduce bread, and other refined grain consumption.

Sorry BakerB! I love bread, but I also do at least 1 hour of high intensity exercise a day, both cardio vascular and musculoskeletal resistance work. I was diagnosed five years ago as pre-diabetic with a high A1C, cholesterol, and signs of insulin resistance. It took me five years of hard work to get my metabolic functions back to normal. The fact is most people should not be eating much bread, especially not the industrial kind.

It’s actually a terrible example.

Celeriac is a yummy tuber great in salads (partially why I bought a decent mandolin, no no no the kitchen kind) and soups.

Pretty sure you mean celiac.

Damn autocollect(™ Now with AI!)

Also, simple how baked bread=good. I was late to the sourdough bread craze during COVID, I am making up for it now (I blame pizza, sweet Ooni baked pizza… mmmmmm)



Presumably here you meant “people who do not actually have celiac disease.” I’ll grant the number of gluten liberationists exceeds the number celiac. patients. I think someone else (in another thread) pointed out that the benefit of this arrangement is that it’s become much easier to find GF foods.


Picking fruit and vegetables is a process. Instead one must lay under the plant and wait for the fruit to drop into your mouth on its own.

(Is chewing a process?)




Peristalsis is a process!


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I thought the article was about greens powders, supposedly made from veg, fruit, and herbs, and sold as a powder that’s added to water and drank. Yeah, no. /side-eye


Then there’s the mega-bags of apricot kernels.


Ah, and then there’s matcha.


I was idly wondering if it was a real thing, but a google search for


only returns this article. There’s cyclo-pentasiloxane though, which is a silicon used to make cosmetics feel soft.


Ultraprocessed is one of those words like pornography, people feel they know what it’s like when they see it, but their mileage varies. The difference between tofu and Wonder bread is likely considerable. It’s better to ask questions like, are baked potatoes significantly better than mashed, vs fries, vs. baked/mashed/fried sweet potatoes/yams? The small studies answer the small questions are better than arguments about tenuous terms. Though the question “do you want fries with that?” is not a small question. First, yes, obviously. But, secondly, I have things to do on this earth, into old age, so, no. Or, at least, not as frequently as I’d like. But how were the fries prepared? Does that matter? If I put hot sauce on fries, will the power of chilies to reduce all cause mortality save my life? Will lycopenes from ketchup make a difference?

Articles with buzz words that overreach fly halfway around the world while small studies are putting on their pants.


Modern plant-sourced diets may incorporate a range of ultra-processed foods (UPF), such as sugar-sweetened beverages, snacks, confectionery, but also the ‘plant-sourced’ sausages, nuggets, and burgers that are produced with ingredients originating from plants and marketed as meat and dairy substitutes. UPF, the fourth group of the Nova classification system, are industrial formulations made by deconstructing whole foods into chemical constituents, altering and then recombining them with additives into products that are alternatives to the other three Nova groups and freshly prepared dishes and meals based on them.



Ummm, OUCH!! Oh gods, the pain! Make it stop!! Never eating pineapple again!!

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You won’t be able to stop me cooking with pepperoncini and Amontillado!

(Okay, I had to think for a really long time for those two…)

Especially if it’s a bananananana, a la Nanny Ogg.


Whereas I was wondering (as a Metro Detroiter) what the hell is Target Motor City Detroit pizza? Does the author not have a Jet’s or Buddy’s pizza nearby?

Also, Motor City Detroit?? Like Big Apple New York and Windy Chicago city? Yay for redundant nicknames. My friends call me Jim James for short.