Uncharted gets a real-life roller coaster

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Oh come on. That wasn’t his fault that he was a weird casting choice. I really feel like Mark Wahlberg as Sully was more tonally off but that’s me.

I never saw the movie, was it bad? Not that I was purposely avoiding it, but I just felt as though a movie wasn’t needed. After playing the games I honestly couldn’t see any movie doing them justice. It’s strange, but I think I would mostly prefer playing a game made about a movie than watching a movie made about a game.

Damn, that’s got to be the worst name I’ve ever heard of for a roller coaster. And Germany has one named “Katschi’s Goldfahrt.”


I enjoyed it (I love adventure movies) but acknowledge it was about 1/4" deep. And yeah, I could see making another game based on the plot working.

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